What else is more ideal for lunch besides the perfect sandwich? You could go back home to whip up that nostalgic sub your Mom would make for you before you went on your field trips in middle school, or you could have someone do that for you. 

Subway, Which Wich, and Jimmy Johns are all sandwich shops we love to call on when we want a tasty sub. Even though I am a die-hard Jimmy Johns fan, I ate subs at these three shops to see which restaurant had the best sub to offer. Each sandwich consisted of turkey, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mayo.

Here are my rankings for the best "made-like-your-mom" subs.


bun, lettuce, ham, meat, cheese, bread, sandwich
Janele Morgan

I already knew what Subway had to offer, so I wasn't really expecting this simple turkey sub to thrill me. If you honestly don't feel like making a sandwich or spending more than five dollars, Subway is where you should be.

Subway upgraded the wrapping paper, and I like it. This sub was the most wallet-friendly, landing under five bucks for a six inch. Eating the sandwich was a pretty messy process. The meat:veggie ratio was off so it truly felt like a veggie sandwich featuring turkey. Six inches just wasn't enough to leave me feeling satisfied.

Price: $4.61

Overall ranking: 5 out of 10

Which Wich

salad, turkey, lettuce, ham, sandwich
Janele Morgan

This being my first time ever having Which Wich, I was already in love half way through finishing the sandwich. It tasted delicious and was super filling, yet, it was so simple. Which Wich left a great impression on me with their variety of options and killer bread.

The proportion of meat to veggie was almost perfect. The sandwich stayed in tact the entire time making it easy to eat. The turkey they used was bomb and the vegetables tasted super fresh. 

Price: $6.10

Overall ranking: 10 out of 10

Jimmy Johns

bread, mustard, hot dog, bun, sandwich
Janele Morgan

I anticipated this day, just to say I had Jimmy Johns again. I was excited for the first bite because there's just something about their bread that is to die for. Every bite was refreshing and left me very satisfied, as always.

Everything on the sub was neatly and evenly distributed, which created a very fresh taste. Jimmy Johns has many price ranges for different types of subs, but they do lack variety compared to both Which Wich and Subway. On the other hand, they deliver; What more could you ask for?

Price: $6.61

Overall ranking: 10 out of 10

#Spoontip: You can buy a loaf of Jimmy John's bread for just 50 cents!

After comparing these three, Jimmy Johns will always be near and dear to my heart but Which Wich is now a close runner-up. Each of these sub shops make sandwiches that are worth waiting for; unless you have the patience to wait on your Mom.