Life is all about the experiences, right? Sub Zero Ice Cream thrives on that idea and provides a unique, fun experience for ice cream connoisseurs of all ages. Picking and choosing what toppings go on ice cream is exciting enough, but at Sub Zero, it's a whole new experience. You get to pick and choose your flavor, the type of cream, and your toppings, and watch it freeze before your eyes. 

Like the line on Free Pretzel Day at Dunder Mifflin, the line was out the door the entire time I was at Sub Zero, with lots of people excited to watch their ice cream freeze.

Started From the Bottom...

Emily Doyle

You start out with a bowl of flavoring, and in this case, I chose raspberry. I got to choose an original custard which gives a similar consistency to that of ice cream, and a mix-in to complete the ice cream. When Oreos are an option, what else would you choose? Clearly I'm not biased at all.

tea, coffee, beer
Emily Doyle

After making those tough choices, the fun continues with the liquid nitrogen. The process may make you stop and wonder if this is okay to do – well, it most definitely is! They give you enough background so that you know what they're doing is safe. Since the liquid nitrogen freezes the cream very quickly, the texture is smoother and creamier because ice crystals have not been given the time to freeze throughout the cream. It also means the ice cream is fresher than if it had been sitting in a freezer for a while beforehand, which is always a plus.

beans, espresso, coffee
Emily Doyle

And there it goes. Hidden under the liquid nitrogen is the cream, flavor, and mix-in combination that in under fifteen seconds will become a freezing scoop of Sub Zero ice cream. Mind = blown.

Now We're Here.

ice, cake
Emily Doyle

As you can see, the final product looks like something you could scoop out of a carton, but why do that when you can literally watch it freeze? Sub Zero Ice Cream is a fun place to go, especially with summer getting closer. If you're lucky to have a Sub Zero where you live, skip the frozen yogurt this weekend and take advantage of it.