Pepperdine University has the number one international program in the nation and it's a statistic our small school is very proud of. With such great opportunities for abroad programs, there is inevitably a lot of competition between the programs to prove which one is the best.

As a freshman who has not yet had the opportunity to go abroad, I am an objective third party in this debate. To help myself and other people trying to decide where to apply, I talked to some students who just returned from abroad to determine which program is best based on the only criteria that really matters—the food.

7. London, England

Kristina Kim

London may have its sweet spots, with its afternoon tea and stellar Indian food, but the city is known for having bland and boring food. There is definitely more to life than crumpets at tea. 

6. Washington, D.C.

cupcake, buttercream, chocolate, cream, strawberry, cake
Emma Delaney

While Washington D.C. may not be an 'international' destination in the true sense of the word, the major differences between lifestyle between the East Coast and the West Coast practically make living there a foreign experience.

This city's role as a cultural hub means it's possible to get nearly any type of cuisine. From sweet treats to authentic international dishes in D.C.—the options are endless.

5. Heidelberg, Germany

vegetable, sweet
Rosie McCormick

When most people think of German food, the first thing that comes to mind is probably classic pub snacks: pretzels, sausage, and beer. However, there is more to the food scene in Germany than just what can be found in the bars.

In the winter, Heidelberg becomes a haven for food lovers across Europe as the Christmas markets begin to be set up. There, you'll find endless rows of bright lights and festive foods. 

4. Shanghai, China

meat, vegetable, beef, sauce, parsley, chili, pork
Jocelyn Hsu

Forget everything that you know about Chinese food in America. In Shanghai, you'll see a lot of dishes that share the namesake of their American counterparts: dumplings, stir-fry, soba noodles, egg tarts, etc.

However, once you taste the amazing difference in quality, you'll wonder how Panda Express could have done you so wrong for so long.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Blair Scott

Argentina is of course known for its supreme quality beef, but Buenos Aires specializes in all sorts of food, from the cheap street eats to decadent desserts. If you visit Buenos Aires make sure you try out their empanadas, fried plantains, and, of course, the dulce de leche.

2. Lausanne, Switzerland

milk, cheese, dairy, dairy product, cheddar
Olivia Henry-Jackson

In Switzerland, people take eating seriously. Most meals, especially dinner, last around two hours and the time is spent talking and reconnecting with the family after a day of work.

In the French part of Switzerland where Lausanne is located, a cheese fondue with fresh bread and wine is a staple for dinner. And what is a Swiss meal if you don't end it with some delicious chocolate?

1. Florence, Italy

pizza, tomato, cheese, sauce, vegetable, mozzarella, basil, crust, egg
Kirby Barth

Florence is home to what are arguably some of the world's best foods: Pizza, pasta, and gelato. In Italy, the people take the craft of cooking very seriously. In restaurants, you'll find almost everywhere that the ingredients are of the highest quality, locally sourced and prepared.

Plus, Pepperdine's international program there has a real Italian chef preparing meals in the dorm hall. Talk about making the most out of your meal plan!