While it may be creepy during the day, FroGro turns into something quite different at night. Its bold florescent lights welcome you to a world of possibilities. It’s a drunk person’s dream. A hidden gem. Let us guide you through how to do a FroGro late night right.

1. Grab a Powerade on the way in and drink it while you shop. We prefer blue, but we’ve been told it doesn’t make a difference. Someone might yell at you for this, but just explain that you need to hydrate. As long as you pay at the end, it should be fine.

Photo by Alex Tom, Northwestern Spoon

2. Drinking turns us into top chefs. If you’re like us, then head to the specialty bread and cheese section. Grab a loaf of fresh ciabatta and then have the friendly man behind the counter cut you slices of Muenster cheese. If you get there too late, he might be gone. In this case, you’ll have to buy a block of cheese and cut it yourself. Semi dangerous, but it’ll be worth it.


3. If you want to round out your meal, buy some frozen cookie dough. It’s easy to pop in the oven, but if you don’t quite make it that far it’s obviously good raw too.

Photo by Teodora Maftei

It may not be as sceney as Allegro’s or as suspenseful as the wait for Axis, but what it lacks in excitement it makes up for in variety. If you’re not in the mood for cooking and pre-made items are more up your alley, then the options are really endless. Pretzels and peanut butter are a good bet. Peanut butter helps with hangovers and FroGro actually has a decent variety of nut butters. Ice cream is another go-to. Just imagine your drunk self in that expansive ice cream aisle—it might be the most fun you’ve had all night.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

With all of its options, FroGro is the kind of late night that leaves you satisfied. And while you might have a few regrets, at least it’s anonymous. You’re not likely to run into too many people at FroGro, which might be our favorite part.