I recently moved to the Oklahoma City area for college at OU. During my first few weeks, I felt like I knew nothing about the place I was about to live in for the next four years of my life. As I sat in my room contemplating how to tackle exploring such a big city, I thought of one way I could experience my city without breaking the bank: a dessert crawl.

Where Did I Visit First on My Dessert Crawl?

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Kara George

In my first installment of my dessert crawl, I visited Roxy's Ice Cream Social in the Plaza District of downtown Oklahoma City. It just so happened to be one of my friend's birthdays, so it was a perfect time to check this fun spot off my Dessert Bucket List. 

History of Roxy's Ice Cream Social

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Kara George

Roxy's was founded by Shane and Raena Mutz in April 2012. They originally opened the business inside of a food truck, and eventually opened the storefront. The flavors range from everyone's favorites like Cookies n' Cream to specialty flavors like Salted Caramel.

My Experience

Kara George

During my visit, I decided to be bold and try one of the specialty flavors. It took a little bit of sampling, but I finally decided on Pineapple Sorbet. Roxy's prides itself on using fresh and high-quality ingredients, which you can completely notice with every single bite.

I felt like I was transported to a tropical oasis for a mini vacation, which was really nice considering all of the stress of midterms. The consistency was perfect and the flavoring was spot on.  

Don't Miss Out

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Kara George

Overall, Roxy's was far from disappointing. It isn't your regular ice cream joint, which makes it even more notable. With its unique flavor profiles and fun decor, Roxy's is a great place for any dessert occasion. I highly suggest taking a trip up to OKC to try it out.