For any of you who have not attended StFX, this may be hard to understand, but as students we have become extremely protective over a few things in our community. The X-Ring, hockey house cups and finally, the StFX foods that make Antigonish the best place to attend post-secondary education. 

#1. Pizza

Pizza is basically the holy grail of Antigonish. Where you choose to eat your pizza determines who you can hang out with. Regardless of where you choose, the worst part about going home for the holidays is going to a pizza place with your friends after the bar and not being able to get donair sauce (#OntarioProblems).

#2. Breakfast 

I'm sure everyone has a breakfast place "go to" when they are back home, but Snow Queen tops any other place with their all-day breakfast and massive milkshakes. 

#3. Waffles

Realistically, this would be #1 if the pizza wasn't so damn good. The Waffle Bus is the thing I crave most when I'm home. With the sweet-yet-savoury waffle sandwiches, there's no other place I'd rather eat throughout the week.

#4. Beer

If you turned 19 while living in Antigonish than you probably understand that paying more the $2.50 for a beer is idiotic. Boston Pizza's $2.50 Wednesday's, pre-wing night deal is ideal and even more special when in Antigonish.  

#5. Rita Wraps

beer, pizza, bread
Emma Weir

When it comes to Rita Wraps they are basically a delicacy at StFX and no body really knows why. Just a simple wrap, and yet, so much more.

#6. Meal Hall Chocolate Milk

sweet, cream, milk, coffee, chocolate
Hannah Linn

According to the Wright sisters, chocolate milk is the most common beverage to drink in meal hall at StFX. For whatever reason, meal hall chocolate milk tastes 10x better than any other.

#7. Turkey Pesto Sandwich

Whether you get your turkey pesto from The Tall & Small or Mini Moe's, this sandwich will also taste a little bit like Antigonish. 

Cherish these foods while you can, because before we know it, it'll be reading week and then it will be summer, and we'll all be at home missing these picks.