Everyone seems to prepare for their spring break bod, but then the week of spring break comes and they eat like crap. So, after spring break (the week where you binged watched Netflix while eating peanut M&Ms and ate pizza for fifteen out of the twenty-one meals) you have to re-get ready for your summer bod. Oh dear.

meal replacement

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Thankfully living in Fayetteville has its perks. Located on Dickson Street, Step-Up Nutrition has meal replacement shakes you’ll be craving. When I was first introduced to Step-Up Nutrition, I didn’t know what to expect, but the atmosphere was fresh and enjoyable and the workers were kind.

There were a variety of flavors to choose from, I chose the peanut butter cup and was pleasantly surprised. The shake was filling and tasted good. Not only that, but the calorie count is low for a meal replacement. While waiting for my shake, I got a cup of hot raspberry tea. Though I chose raspberry, there are a variety of options, and you can get your tea hot or cold. Also, your first tea and shake is free, and if you refer three people to Step-Up Nutrition, you get another free tea and meal replacement shake.

Since then, I’ve gone back multiple times and have tried the reese’s, cookies-n-cream, and the chocolate elvis meal replacement shakes, which are all good. There are also fruity flavors, but I’m more of a chocolate and peanut butter kind of girl.

My favorite time to have the meal replacement shake is after a hard workout. After a workout I’ll get a recovery shake that contains extra protein, which has a chocolate base making the shake more rich and delicious.


meal replacement

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Though I love the shakes, I don’t suggest drinking them everyday for a meal replacement because they do contain fructose (which is a form of sugar). Furthermore, fructose is one of the first few ingredients on the list. The further to the front an ingredient is listed, the more of that ingredient the product contains. Start reading labels! Remember moderation is key, and low amounts of fructose won’t kill you or make you gain weight. But, one should be aware that a lot of fructose is comparable to eating a few candy bars. Therefore, drink the shakes as a meal replacement, not a snack, and drink them in moderation.

If you normally eat junky fast food for lunch, the tea and meal replacement shake is a better alternative a couple times a week to cut your calorie count. Plus, with the busyness of the end of the semester, this is a quick meal that you can grab on the go.

meal replacement

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