Though Maroon 5 once sang romantically about lazy Sunday mornings, for most college students Sunday morning just means a raging headache and blurry eyes. That headache only increases with the black cloud of pushed-off homework hanging over your head. There’s only one cure: hot and greasy breakfast as soon as possible. CTB is too crowded, and Sunset is too far. State Street, however, is just a  trip down the hill, and is a veritable cornucopia of hangover foods. The menu is easy to sift through. If you know your staple is an omelette it’s easy to find. Likewise with all the sweet items: pancakes, waffles.

Photo by Jocelyn Stewart

However, as great as breakfast items are, let’s be honest. Most Sunday ‘mornings’ only start after noon. So man up and get a burger. Also, get some fries, and most definitely a milkshake. Because State Street Diner nails the whole fifties diner thing. Burgers, fries and a shake always make me think of Grease. When I eat at State Street I always expect Frenchie or Rizzo to pop out from the next booth over. Not in a in-your-face, I’m-about-to-burst-into-song kind of way, just that the general atmosphere is fun and the staff is friendly.

Photo by Robyn Lee

You can’t underrate the importance of friendly staff. Servers have tough jobs. They are subject to the whims of people like those who try to order an omelette without eggs, or ask if home fries are a carb. Servers have to smile, and act like they don’t think their customer is an imbecile. The staff at state street is funny, nice, and always more than willing to do separate checks (an imperative for college students that only carry around their debit cards).  Last time I went they gave us all free rice pudding because they thought we were nice.

Photo by Mark Anbinder

Let’s not underestimate the importance of the actual food.  The burgers are huge, the fries are crispy and delicious, and the milkshakes taste like they were made by some sort of divine being. State Street gets it all right. Food, friendly staff, and an easy location. Tip generously, my friends, they deserve it.


Location: 428 West State Street, Ithaca NY 14850
Hours: M-S 6am-10pm