Starbucks is the one-stop destination for college-goers, office-goers, and aestheticians. The market it has created for itself in India has skyrocketed through the roof, all in 5 years. But, the truth is that it doesn't appeal to a lot of people, who find paying Rs. 300+ for a coffee to be abnormal behaviour when a better homemade cuppa can be prepared without any star bucks (LMAO, geddit?). Well, all the haters now have a golden opportunity to come over to the better, brighter, sweeter side because a new Starbucks offer is giving away all coffees for only Rs. 100!


Starbucks India has announced this offer to mark the opening of its 100th store in the country. 5 years back, they inaugurated their first store in India and have since created a massive furore. They have thrown a nation-wide party on this occasion. All the coffees on the menu in Short or Tall size will be available for only Rs. 100, across all Starbucks stores in India. Yes, all of them!


Before you go ahead and dream of bathing in coffee everyday this offer on, calm down (a little). Sorry to pop your bubble, but this offer will only be valid on 28th October. And since the entire country knows about this offer, all Starbucks stores are going to turn into madhouses. There are sure to be long queues, large groups, frenzied people and Snapchat pictures. We recommend going prepared with water and camping tents. 

But you have one shot at stocking up on a couple of days' (or a year's) coffee. Don't miss out on this chance, believe in yourself and sweat for that coffee. All the best soldier!