When it comes to cafe culture, South Korean Starbucks takes creative festivity to a whole new level. Just like how the U.S. has seasonal items like the iconic pumpkin spice latte and the recently popularized sugar cookie almond milk latte, Korean Starbucks chains have their own fair share of limited edition items as well. With the start of the Lunar New Year just around the corner, Korean Starbucks has shared details for new menu items in honor of the special occasion.

The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, or Seollal in South Korea, begins on the first day of the lunar calendar. With its roots in ancient Chinese Confucianism, Seollal also celebrates the pattern of the 12 animal zodiac cycle. The date it begins varies each year, but it is always designated on the second new moon following the winter solstice. In 2022, Seollal begins on Feb. 1 and honors the year of the tiger.

Starbucks Korea doesn’t fail to bring out its tiger spirit, with the new edition of the tiger babka to the lunar new year menu. With the familiar striped pattern resembling that of a tiger’s mane, this babka includes soft chocolatey layers combined with an internal caramel filling that is sure to satisfy all those sweet tooths out there. Best yet, the sweetness doesn’t stop there – Starbucks Korea is adding a tiramisu tart and black sesame cream cake, as well as a classic B.L.T. sandwich for a savory twist.

And of course, what would Starbucks be without its high-quality, flavorful, creative drinks? Starbucks Korea doesn’t fall short on this category, as they also plan on releasing a new set of drinks, like the new year citrus tea, lavender beige oat latte, and dolce black milk tea. Although these particular items are exclusive to the South Korean menu, similar drinks like the cinnamon dolce latte and the honey citrus mint tea are available to U.S. Starbucks fans.

Besides these delectable treats, Starbucks Korea definitely goes above and beyond by promoting various new tiger-themed merchandise. From mugs to tumblers, the intricate design of a tiger is surrounded by a burst of cool winter shades that are sure to make your everyday coffee all the more special. Surely, tiger-lovers and those born in the year of the tiger wouldn’t want to miss out on these beautiful, useful keepsakes.

While you can’t try the tiger babka or the dolce black milk tea in the U.S., you can still look forward to seeing the comeback of the red velvet loaf in honor of Valentine’s day, as well as the creamy pistachio latte