When the work piles up, it becomes difficult to find time to cook or buy healthy meals. It’s most convenient to stop by a fast-food joint, grab a burger and scarf it down on your way back home. It’s quick and easy, but dangerous if you order oily, greasy foods that your body doesn’t want.

No worries, Spoon’s got your back with a list of the healthiest (and tastiest) meals you can order at Berkeley’s fast food joints.

Bongo Burger – Turkey Burger

fast food

Photo by Karen Chou

Treat yourself to Bongo Burger and its signature mushroom or turkey burgers which are cheap, delectable and nutritious. Hand-cut lettuce paired with a juicy, protein-loaded turkey patty and a pleasantly toasted sesame bun make for euphoric dining.

Top Dog – Lemon Chicken Sausage

fast food

Photo Courtesy of sodiumgirl.com

What advice would Spoon give to incoming freshman? From time to time, invite these delicious hot dogs to be part of the memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Few things are as satisfying as sinking your teeth into a Lemon Chicken sausage on a crisp toasty bun after getting out of Main Stacks at midnight.

Urbann Turbann – Naan wrap + butter chicken + veggie fixings

fast food

Photo by Mira Nguyen

Looking for overwhelmingly delicious food that’s filling and nutritious? Head to Urbann Turbann, where Chipotle meets Indian food. Their ultra-customizable Indian foods come in a variety of fresh, tasty and quick options. Top off this particular order with their minty hot chutney drizzle.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – Veggie Bowl

fast food

Photo by Karen Chou

Two words: Burrito Bowls. Get all of the organic, fresh, non-processed veggies and forget the excess carbs. Ditch the extra cheese and sour cream. Opt for extra roasted chili corn salsa and lettuce. Why not splurge on some guac? You’ll be doing your body a favor.

Pedro’s Brazil Cafe – Pedro’s Favorite Tri-Tip Sandwich

fast food

Photo Courtesy of Toybot Studios

Do you enjoy perfectly marinated, well-seasoned tri-tip slathered in cilantro garlic sauce and sandwiched between layers of perfectly ripe tomatoes, fresh pineapples, cheese, jalapeños and warm, soft french rolls? Yep. We do too. (S/O to “Pedro’s Favorite Tri-Tip Sandwich”) These fresh, wholesome ingredients will intoxicate your tastebuds and keep you healthy.

Subway – Turkey Melt Sandwich

fast food

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Opt for a “Fresh Fit” choice listed on the menu. With only 320 calories and 7 grams of fat, the Turkey Melt Sandwich is a steal. Ditch the honey mustard and mayo to ward off unwanted fat content. Oil and vinegar taste better anyway.

Fast food is equivalent to processed food when the ingredients aren’t from sources you can identify. Even small amounts of processed food can alter the chemical balance of your brains and cause negative mood swings along with apparent dips in energy. Be sure you’re able to track the history of your food with ease. It’s all happy eating from there!