If you’ve attended school at Boston University, chances are you’ve heard of ‘90s Night at the Dining Hall. But what is it really about? Read on to find out how the first annual '90s Night was birthed.

Smells Like Team Spirit 

Jackie O'Brien

Marketing and social media is an essential branch of Spoon University’s brand. As you may already know, each chapter manages its social media platforms to promote respective events or foodie news. After all, what better way to get people together than with food?

When it came to creating new events at the Spoon University BU chapter, group discussions on sharpening most appealing theme is often at play.

In 2016, Spoon University BU’s members were tossing the ball around the idea of a dining hall event that would “get big turnout and excitement,” as described by Jessica Citronberg, Spoon University BU’s past Editorial Director. When the idea of the '90s themed event popped up, ears perked up and immediately sparked a discussion of the endless possibilities of menu items. “We knew we had found something that would definitely work,” noted Jessica.

Jackie O'Brien

Dorothy Ballowe, Spoon University BU's previous Marketing Manager, approached BU Dining Services Social Media Director Robert Flynn about the idea when in its early days. "The first '90s Night was so much fun, but I didn't really anticipate it to become so popular in the coming years," Dorothy reflected.

Robert now continues to actively collaborate with other chapter members to plan the event. “It’s one of my favorite events that we did with Spoon [University at BU],” said Robert. “I’ve always considered Spoon [University at BU] to be one of our best friends on campus.” 

The process meant a lot of meetings between the chapter and the BU Dining Services, but it all paid off. Since the event was first launched in the West Campus Dining Hall, chef Armand Toutaint helped to do some research and plan for the '90s Night menu.

Nothing Compares To This Event

Jackie O'Brien

Let’s face it. The current younger generation who were born closer to the end of the '90s couldn't remember their nursery days, let alone recall the hallmark phenomenons of the decade, such as the emerging technology and modern pop culture. We just learned how to walk and talk. So, what makes '90s Night a trademark moment for Boston University students?

Robert said that '90s Night is a standout event because of the common food items that students are familiar with, such as the dino nuggets or the pizza bagels. It’s all about the food and the association with students’ younger, carefree days. “Because even when they were young kids in the 2000s, they still ate that,” said Robert. “They see a pop tart or smiley fries, and it will automatically take them back to third grade.” 

Jennifer Suryadjaja

George Thomson, Spoon University BU’s Editorial Director, is excited for the idea of bringing students from various grades together for a blast from the past. “I think people like how it relates to their childhood and brings back some nostalgia,” he commented.

To keep the menu fresh and evolving, Robert also said that BU Dining Services adds a few new menu items annually. Some students might worry about their dietary restrictions, so the Dining team crafted the menu with that in mind. There are gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.

Come As You Are

Jennifer Suryadjaja

Snowy days are not what most people look forward to in the spring. That’s why you should come to our '90s Night held every spring semester. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the rich, gooey cosmic brownies or the seldom-seen McRibs.