Jugos Supremo 

Located in the heart of Back Bay at 502 Massachusetts Avenue is Jugos Supremo, a juice bar that specializes in pressed and detox juices, smoothies, pitaya and acai bowls, and sandwiches. You can hit up Jugos' main location at 145 Dartmouth Street in the Back Bay T station, as well as their pop-up juice stand by the Clubs at Charles River Park during the summertime. Now, you can catch the latest collab -- Spoon Northeastern x Jugos Supremo present the Beanpot Bowl! 

This cute little juice shop is definitely the ideal place for breakfast or its later counterpart, which we sure do love a "brunch." Luckily for us Northeastern Huskies, Jugos Supreme is not too far from our campus, so it makes for a nice stroll down Mass Ave on a sunny morning. Inside, it is easy to spot their shiny, high-end "cafecito" station. Here, customers can order coffee and tea beverages, such as the café con leche, latte de turmeric, cappuccino, and espresso, to name a few. My personal favorite here is the matcha latte, which is the perfect drink for those brutally cold Boston mornings.

Alexandra Dittrich

Spoon Northeastern x Jugos Supremo

Every semester, the Spoon University team at Northeastern collaborates with Jugos Supremo to bring something new and exciting to the shop. From the "El Husky Bowl" in Spring 2018 to the "El Harvest Bowl" that debuted last Fall, this semester, in honor of Northeastern claiming the Beanpot championships yet AGAIN for the second year in a row, Spoon Northeastern is proud to present the signature newest signature Spoon Northeastern x Jugos Supremo collab: the Beanpot Bowl! I mean, who doesn't love to show some school spirit (even if it's over a smoothie bowl) -- go Huskies!

Ashley Marino

So what is the Beanpot Bowl?

Doesn't this bowl look absolutely scrumptious? 

The Spoon Northeastern x Jugos Supremo Beanpot Bowl contains acai, cashew, cacao, banana, cashew milk blend, which is then topped with goji berry, banana, granola, cacao nibs. The texture of the smoothie bowl is so fluffy, I felt as if I was biting into a cloud! The sprinkle of toppings on the bowl helps to add a great pop of color on those classic cold, grey city mornings. It also packs an interesting, crunchy texture, which makes the traditional smoothie bowl experience even more unique and enjoyable!  When the bowls were initially served, they had such a nice aesthetic that I (almost) didn't want the ingredients to be mixed and integrated into the contents of the base.  Eventually, I dug in and the first spoonful was definitely very satisfying. Soon, before I knew it, the bowl was completely empty with not a single bit of to spare.

For those of you who have never tried a smoothie bowl before, Jugos Supremo is the perfect opportunity to taste your first one here in the heart of Back Bay. I brought a fellow Spoon member here after the bowl debuted, as this happened to be her first time to Jugos Supremo AND trying a smoothie bowl, and she soon told me that she had an unexpected craving for another Beanpot bowl later that week!

The Spoon Northeastern x Jugos Supremo Beanpot Bowl can be found in Jugos Supremo (located on Mass Ave) until March 31st, 2019.  Come and get it quick, before it's gone!  Trust me, it's worth it. And the best part is, for all you fellow Northeastern Huskies out there, you get 15% off if you show your Husky ID!

Red, black, one SNACK... let's hear it for the BEANPOT BOWL!

Kaitlin O'Sullivan