Going out on the weekends can be an expensive habit; and as fun as it is dancing around in your six-inch heels atop beer-covered floors and surrounded by sweaty and drunken college kids, it’s a lot on your body and your wallet. I think it’s time I introduce you to Shadows On The Hudson.


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Perched 40 feet above the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, Shadows On The Hudson is an award-winning restaurant known for its seafood and steaks, and not to mention, their incredible brunch buffet on Sundays. Lasting from 10:30am to 2:00pm, this brunch will have you licking your plate- I know because I did it.

What u kno bout that #chickenandwaffles life @clamparillo

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From Penne Ala Vodka to scrambled eggs, this buffet was stocked with only the greatest delicacies of an award-winning brunch. There is no way you can go hungry after gazing into the deep silver trays filled with glistening bacon or crispy fried chicken.

Breakfast this morning though ?

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My personal go-to were the mini Belgian waffles, accompanied by a fresh berry medley and homemade whipped cream. The atmosphere feels like you have just taken a day trip to an all-inclusive resort, and for only $17.95, you really can’t beat this. Let me break it down for you:

A night out at the bar is one pretty penny. Consider $3.00 for the cab there, $5.00 cover charge to get into the bar, and at least $10.00 spent on drinks. Not to mention, the $3.00 cab ride home and the possibility of $5 spent on late night P-Ridge. That brings us to a grand total of $26.00, ladies and gents.


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Now to take a look at what that money could really get you. Carpool to Shadows for free, or split a cab with friends for under $5.00. Next, the buffet is endless and only costs $17.95. A possible total of $23.00? Not too shabby. Your food baby will thank you, and so will your wallet.

So, this weekend spend that money where it will really come in good use — Shadows On The Hudson. One tip before you go, make sure to bring a backpack stocked with empty tupper wear containers to smuggle out as many mini waffles as you can. Trust me on this one, they’re that good.