Yes… it’s that time of year again. Cue the country music and call up your florist. It’s Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all studying abroad with beautiful foreign lovers in romantic European countries. But never fear, you can make your friends just as insta-jealous with a perfect Valentine’s Day spent in Charlottesville.

Here is our guide to the best C’ville Valentine’s Day:

Café Caturra

Valentine's Day in Charlottesville

Photo courtesy of @cafe_caturra_uva on Instagram

Thankfully, February 14th falls on a Sunday this year, so you and your hot date can start the day with mimosas, pancakes and the perfect brunch. Though dinner at Café Caturra is stellar, brunch is to die for.

From any style egg your heart could want to french toast and berries n’cream, Café Caturra has it all. Don’t forget the refreshments. Bring on the mimosas topped with peach bitters and strawberries, or order the Strawberry La Parisienne – a sultry concoction of Sauvignon Blanc, elderflower liqueur, muddled strawberry, topped with champagne.

How could you turn down champagne and strawberries? Turn on any rom-com and tell me these aren’t quintessential V-Day noms. You may not be in Paris, but the twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling of Café Caturra will definitely set the mood.


Valentine's Day in Charlottesville

Photo courtesy of SweetHaus on Facebook

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like sweets. Candies, chocolates, cupcakes… you name it, Sweethaus has it.

Once it hits two or three in the afternoon, you are going to be looking for an afternoon activity and some sweets. Sweethaus offers both these things. Head down Main Street to decorate cupcakes, snack on the best dark chocolate covered anything and sip on some artisan coffee.

Honestly, pop the bubbly, whip out some roses, and your afternoon date at Sweethaus could be straight out of the next Jennifer Aniston romance movie.

PSA: We don’t all look as cute with frosting on our noses as dear old Jenny… proceed with caution.

Ten Sushi

Valentine's Day in Charlottesville

Photo courtesy of Ten Sushi on Facebook

After you’ve spent the afternoon being as sickeningly cute as possible, head to the Downtown Mall for a stroll (girls, read: shopping). I mean, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s no better spot in C’Ville for some goodies.

But when your man has had enough, head to Ten Sushi for the real event of the evening. Our personal favorite on the Downtown Mall, Ten is the complete Valentine’s Day package: an intimate setting with a menu full of mostly date-safe food and drinks.

#SpoonTip: Some of the rolls at Ten are certainly not one-bite rolls. I’m talking chubby bunny status if you try to fit the whole thing in your mouth, but take it as an opportunity to poke fun at each other.

We recommend starting your evening off with our favorite cocktail, the Geisha. Psssst guys, unless you want a light pink cocktail, save this one for her and opt for a beer. For dinner, order the avocado tempura, followed by the Tiger roll. Finally, even if you’re on a sugar-overload from Sweet Haus, the warm chocolate cake is a must.

#SpoonTip: This day is perfect for friends, too!

Valentine's Day in Charlottesville

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Even though we all dream of the perfect Valentine’s Day, let’s be honest, when has V-Day ever panned out the way we thought it would?

Luckily, in addition to setting the scene for the perfect date, Café Caturra, Sweethaus and Ten Sushi are also ideal for drowning your sorrows, eating your feelings and treating yourself better than whoever left you hanging.

Don’t worry, C’ville is ideal for spending this Valentine’s Day with your newest crush, longtime lover, or just hanging with your besties crying, laughing and wondering why Valentine’s Day is such a big deal anyways.