After years and years could it be? The residences of South Campus could not believe their eyes, it was finally happening. South Campus has been missing a gem now located on the corner of 842 Beacon St. Shippy's Warehouse recently opened and it's about to be your go-to liquor store. 

Shippy's Heard Our Prayers

It's your new alcohol destination that won't make you want to pull your hair out or apologize to your parents about when they get the monthly bill. No longer with we have to cry about crazy over priced alcohol but buy it anyways out of convenience. Never again will we hike to Target or ask our friends to pick up for us because we honestly don't know where people get booze around our new home.

Now, as Hannah Montana would put it, we can have the best of both worlds. Thanks to South Campus' new favorite liquor store. 

So Why South Campus?

Not only is Shippy's amazingly convenient, but its roots are also very historic. The store owner’s father is a remarkable 105 years old. According to him, he's the oldest livingBoston University alum.

Along with the historical connection to Boston University, they decided to open a location in South Campus because the only other nearby liquor store options are extremely high end stores, which mark up their prices that crush our already dwindling funds reservoir. 

Shippy’s is the perfect combination of a large selection of wines, liquor and beer and very reasonable prices. They get it. We are all young, dumb and broke college kids, but we work hard and play hard at Boston University. And Shippy's is here to help you celebrate your birthday, celebration, Wine Wednesday, Tequila Tuesday and Fraterdays... and more. So what's better than one less thing to stress about?

But Wait There is More

Caroline Ingalls

On top of everything else Shippy's Warehouse even goes one step further for when you just can't come up with the perfect gift. They have ready-made gift baskets for various drinking games and perfect chaser and alcohol combos ready to go.

The staff is extremely helpful and happy to find the perfect drink for you. They are eager for new customers and very well informed. 

Free Alcohol

Now that I have your attention heres the secret why Shippy's is so dope. If you're still not convinced, this new hot spot offers many events that include, free alcohol. So far they have had two amazing wine tastings, and a bomb tequila tasting. 

Not to mention the hours are very accommodating. Shippy’s is open 9am-11pm Monday-Saturday, and noon-11pm on Sundays.

They are excited to share their specialty booze with you and your friends. So don't forget to rally your vampires, cats, mermaids, robbers, entire cosplay of Game of Thrones or whoever you are being this weekend and go stock up for this Halloween weekend without breaking your fragile college bank. Trust me, your wallet will thank you. As for your liver, not so much.