A dedicated tea menu, reasonable prices and a tasty selection of Cambodian dishes are just a few of the reasons to try The Soup Spoon. Conveniently located next to Yotality (a froyo bar) in the heart of the new College Town, The Soup Spoon is easily accessible via the Blue Line bus stop or a short walk from River Campus which makes it the perfect place to hit up for a tasty meal.


Photo by Parsa Lotfi

The decor is clean and bright, and the large windows provide plenty of natural lighting. At noon, this makes it a well-lit lunch spot, but when the sun sets it’s a great atmosphere for a date. The service was timely and the waiters were polite and welcoming. On our most recent visit, we learned that it’s owned by a local family (awesome) and that the head chef’s goal is to provide the home-style dishes and teas of Cambodia.


Photo by Parsa Lotfi

Before we even start gushing about the food, it’s important to mention the tea menu first. The list is 28 teas long and includes some classics like earl grey but the real prizes are their unique specialty teas like coconut oolong, blueberry rooibos and rose melange. Tea comes served in a steeping pot with free refills. Even though the tea costs $3.25, we think the unique flavors and the cost-free refills make it a good value and an absolute must-try.


Photo by Par Lof

If you were worried, the food absolutely stands up to their tea (the menu features 8 sections). Appetizers include lettuce wraps, spring rolls, egg rolls and most importantly, their Cambodian fried chicken. Its delightfully crispy exterior, warm spices and homemade spicy dipping sauce are simply stunning.  The salads include their special Mee Kola salad, which is great for a light lunch or diet meal that’s still filling and flavorful.


Photo by Parsa Lotfi

Their Katiev-Cambodian noodle soups are made with a family recipe and will feel familiar if you’ve had Vietnamese phở before. The Babar is a unique take on the Chinese congee rice porridge, with a peppery and vinegary flavor to brighten up a typically bland meal. The Sachko is a delightful and exciting hot and sour beef stew that’s served with rice. We recommend it for adventurous eaters.

Ginger fish

Photo by Isabelle Chu

The unique entrées section of the menu features classic Cambodian favorites like ginger fish made with fresh garlic, ginger and a house sauce. No Rochester restaurant would be complete without a take on the (in)famous garbage plate. The Soup Spoon’s version is actually an adaptation of the Hawaiian Loco Moco and features jasmine rice, a hamburger patty, homemade hot sauce and a beautiful fried egg.


Photo by Parsa Lotfi

Overall, we think that The Soup Spoon’s welcoming atmosphere, stellar teas and outstanding home-style dishes make it a truly unique and delightful restaurant. Most dishes run under $10, but teas can push this into the $10-$15 range. The large portions and the free tea refills make this a great value, especially since many of the dishes are big enough to share between two light eaters if you order an appetizer.

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