It’s Saturday morning, you wake up and what you’re craving is anything that isn’t “good for you.” While the nationwide health kick is in full swing, you think of just having some oatmeal or a banana for breakfast.  Yet while you’re eating that banana, all you can think is how much it doesn’t taste like hash browns or pancakes covered in butter and maple syrup with bacon on the side.  

While it’s important to be conscious of what you eat, don’t forget about the little pleasures in life, one of which is letting yourself have that eggs benedict with breakfast potatoes you’ve been craving. While we all eat food to fuel our bodies, we also need to eat food to feed our soul. Here are 5 options for soul-filling breakfast spots and plates to try.


soul food

Photo courtesy of @everydayimtruffling on Instagram

This eggs benedict florentine is the best thing on earth. If you’re feeling like you need something a little lighter or healthier, the hollandaise sauce is something that will curb any cravings, served with spinach and tomato gives the freshness and the breakfast potatoes give the savory that rounds it out to a perfect meal.

The Roost

soul food

Photo courtesy of @itsjessfc on Instagram

The picture above is of eggs benedict and biscuits & gravy, both of which are delicious. I also highly recommend the Rooster. This breakfast has a little something of everything, from the French toast that is something everyone should experience (could be subbed for pancakes), the eggs done to any style to your liking, and bacon (could be subbed for sausage) for the 10/10 breakfast that will leave you feeling full and very satisfied.

Port Fonda

soul food

Photo courtesy of @portfonda on Instagram

The picture above is of the Chilaquiles, a ‘wet nacho’ served with an over easy egg on top, something everyone should try. I also recommend the double decker breakfast tacos served with hot ranch fried potatoes. This is a Mexican inspired breakfast that tastes even better than it looks.  The scrambled eggs with crumbly salty cheese, beans, and the salsa of the day are all wrapped up in a warm corn tortilla creating the perfect bite.

Wheatfield’s Bakery

soul food

Photo courtesy of @cocktails.and.cuisine on Instagram

The picture above is of the delicious ciabattina sandwhich served with swiss cheese and bacon, its a can’t miss. I also highly recommend the primavera omelet with hash browns and toast, something to remind you of Sunday morning brunches with your family. The veggies and hash browns give you something savory, while putting butter and cinnamon sugar on your toast (something we all did growing up) can give you that sweet treat you may need.

Muncher’s Bakery

soul food

Photo courtesy of Muncher’s Bakery on Facebook

This is a time old bakery for someone who is in desperate need of some soul TLC.  You literally cannot go wrong with anything in the store. Walk in and pick your favorite like these strawberry cream cheese ones above, or just pick the prettiest looking one. I guarantee that you will fall in love.