There is no steak better than dry aged steak period!

What is dry-aged steak may you ask? 

Dry-aging is the process in which beef is kept in a temperature and humidity controlled room for a period of time to draw moisture out, which allows the steak to develop a more intense flavor, and to tenderize the meat. 

After deeply analyzing steakhouse reviews over the past year, I finally identified one single steak that would be worthy of the mighty sum of money that I saved up from my scrawny student budget. That is, the dry-aged ribeye at Grill 23 in Boston. 

Dry aged steak is usually aged for around 28 days, however, Grill 23 in Boston's Back Bay offers a rare gem that is aged a whopping 100 days!

First Impressions: 

A strong cheese-like aroma hit me as soon as the ribeye steak was placed on the dinner table. The steak itself was nicely charred which provided an slightly crispy outer layer, as well as a smoky flavor that highlighted the prime quality of the steak. At the same time, it was very juicy and tender on the inside, which is rare for a steak that's dry aged for such a long period of time. 

For the overall flavor, the ribeye was aged so long that it built a flavor profile of parmesan cheese, along with noticeable nutty characteristics. The rib cap, or the Spinalis Dorsi, was ridiculously tender, and had rich and buttery striations of fat that would explode with every bite which added complexity to the steak

What Else Did I Eat?

Along with the magnificent aged Ribeye, I ordered a classic steakhouse side- creamed spinach- which provided a great contrast to the meaty beast. The spinach melted in my mouth straight away with no chewing needed whatsoever, and was partnered with a rich and creamy bechamel sauce that accentuated the sweetness of the greens. 

For dessert I had a crème brûlée with pumpkin spiced macarons. The custard in the brûlée was very rich, wasn't overly sweet, and was complemented by a thin crunchy layer of caramelized sugar. Despite this, the macarons were definitely a dark horse in this dish, as it provided a good chew that juxtaposed well with the creamy brûlée. The cinnamon spice from the cookie also balanced well with the custard, and created a beautiful marriage of flavors.

As a restaurant, Grill 23 has a very classy feel. Decorated with oil paintings, and illuminated by elegant lamps, the restaurant has an aesthetic that would impress anyone. 

As one of the most renowned steakhouses in Boston, Grill 23 has been rated as the best steakhouse in Boston by the Boston Magazine in 2017, and has even been labelled as the best steakhouse in New England by the Yankee Magazine in 2013. 

So, the next time you're really craving for a good steak, or in need to impress any meat-lover in the world, look no further and head to Grill 23 and order up some world class steak!