Slater’s 50/50, a California burger chain famed for it’s gluttonous blend of 50% bacon and 50% beef, unveiled their burger of the month that fulfills all of our brunch desires: the eggs benny burger. An open-faced concoction of their famous patty, a sausage patty and Canadian bacon served on a piece of sourdough french toast topped with a fried egg and chipotle hollandaise, this burger isn’t messing around.

Eggs Benny Burger

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For $10.95 you could have the best of both worlds, packed into a 1/3 pound burger. Besides the obvious yolkporn factor, this combo solves the dilemma of choosing between a burger and an eggs benedict, which is clearly the biggest struggle of brunch. Or better yet, on a weekday when there is no brunch this will tide you over and then some… Till the weekend and your next brunch. Winning all around for everyone. Enjoy this burger while it lasts — though their previous options like the bone marrow burger or the Thanksgiving burger sound nearly as good too.