Silverspot: A New Cinematic and Culinary Experience

Everyone’s familiar with the age-old movie theater aesthetic—kicking back in those cushioned chairs with a giant bucket of buttery popcorn and sugary candy. University Place’s Silverspot Theater in Chapel Hill takes its cinematic relaxation to the next level with its in-theater dining and upscale environment. As soon as you walk in, it’s like no other theater you’ve seen before. Immediately to your left you’ll see a fine dining restaurant, Trilogy, full of candlelit tables and a fully-equipped bar. Farther up to the left, you’ll find the bar where you order for the in-theater dining.

Along with the classics come dishes you’d never expect to find in a theater, like truffle mushroom flatbread, roasted beet salad, an artisanal cheese board and an array of beers and wines. To accompany the movie I would see, I decided to skip the usual popcorn and opt for a caprese sandwich, truffle fries and a glass of merlot.

After settling into the extremely comfortable theater seats, our wine and dinners were delivered right to us along with trays to fasten into our cup holders. The meal was an exciting accompaniment to the mundane movie previews. The caprese sandwich mirrored that of one straight out of Capri—fresh thick disks of mozzarella, garden tomatoes and mixed greens tossed in olive oil and basil pesto were nestled in between two halves of ciabatta. Warm shoestring fries dusted with parmesan and a drizzle of truffle oil were the perfect companion to its fresh counterpart.

Craving more, I ventured back to Silverspot on a chilly December night for a different experience—Trilogy. Surrounded by wintry adornments in a plush booth seat, we skimmed the diverse menu. Wanting to get a taste of the wide variety, we chose to taste the goat cheese crostini, blistered shishito peppers, cheese board and pan-seared salmon.

First to hit the table was the artisan cheese board. Slices of brie, gouda and manchego mingled among an array of crackers and were paired with dried fruits and marmalade. Taking a bite of manchego smeared with the tart, fruity jam transported me to a small Spanish taberna de tapas. In search of some green, next up was the shishito peppers. A warm bowl of charred peppers coated in togarashi begged to be dipped into the pool of miso aioli next to them.

The final appetizer, goat cheese crostini, was my personal favorite. Toasted and oiled cuts of French baguette supported a medley of soft goat cheese, arugula, fig and a balsamic reduction drizzle. Each bite was tangy and sweet with a needed peppery punch from the arugula.

Before we knew it, the appetizer plates were cleared and the main attraction, the salmon, was presented. A filet of pan-seared salmon sat atop roasted asparagus and tomato and was topped with zig zags of cilantro-lime yogurt. The uniqueness of the creamy and piquant sauce was the perfect finishing touch to end the spectacular round of dishes.

Silverspot intertwines the best cinematic and culinary experiences into one—I doubt you’ll step foot in a normal theater again after your first experience here.

Special thanks to University Place for the delicious complimentary meal. These reviews are entirely honest and my own.