Harrisonburg has it all: burgers, beer, donuts, tacos, brunch, the list goes on. But what is the one snack we've all wanted but didn't know we needed? Popcorn. Cue Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn.

This is not just your run of the mill movie theater popcorn and it trumps any bag of Smart Pop you've ever sadly stuffed in your mouth. This is flavor-upon-flavor of crunchy, popcorn-y goodness with free samples galore. Whether you prefer sweet, salty, or savory, you are guaranteed to find a flavor to bring home.

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Taylor Holmes

As the dedicated popcorn enthusiast I am, I enlisted my two best friends to attend the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony for Shirley's and do the taste testing so you don't have to (but as I mentioned before, there's endless free samples, so like, why are you still reading this and not heading to Shirley's right now?).

First up:

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Taylor Holmes

One of our favorites, Buckeye Popcorn. This legit tastes just like the classic dessert and was so impressive that it made it into the final purchase.

Next up:

Taylor Holmes

We tried the Duke Dog Crunch, an adorably festive purple and yellow popcorn that was sweet and almost had a marshmallow-y taste. We also tried both white cheddar and regular cheddar...basically you can't go wrong with putting cheese on anything so both of those were a hit.


To Seal the Deal:

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Taylor Holmes

Shirley's offers basic caramel corn, which is a classic and is to-die-for. They also offer a fun combo of caramel corn and cheddar corn called the "Windy City" mix for those who are really after that salty-sweet taste.


Other mouth-watering flavors:

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Taylor Holmes

Includes a fan favorite: jelly bean, a spicy creation called the "After Burner", seasonal flavors like pumpkin roll, and for chocolate lovers, dark salted caramel and chocolate almond.

Shirley's offers various sized containers to bring your popcorn home including everything from smaller plastic baggies to gallon sized tins. If you're anything like my best friends and I and couldn't imagine picking just one flavor, you could get three in one.

Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn is not only just a delicious addition to Downtown Harrisonburg, but a place to curb your drunchies, munchies, time-of-the-month cravings, or just cravings in general. It also serves as a great and affordable gift that is guaranteed to make your holiday gift-giving a little bit easier—and yummier. Give Shirley's a visit and let us know what your favorite flavor is.