Sherkaan is a hip Indian street food restaurant that just opened last year outside of Stiles (first off, glad we’re not in Stiles because we’d spend wayyy too much money there). It’s the kind of place you walk past and can’t help but look at a little longer: if you’re lucky, the multiple sets of double doors are open on nice days, allowing a peek at the bright, beautiful murals decorating the exposed brick walls on the inside. The staff, too, are just as inviting (if not more!) than the space itself—they’re always thoughtful, fun to talk to, and unnecessarily kind. We don’t even need to mention how good the food is at this point if you've been, but here's a quick run-down for those lucky enough to experience it for the first time: Sherkaan offers modern, creative twists on beloved classics as well as Indian-American fusion dishes (hello Chaat dog). If you want classic Indian food, you go to House of Naan, but Sherkaan is really something else altogether. Final tip? Bring friends and family. After all, what chance is one person going to stand against a full menu of chaats and share plates? Anyways, pretty much everything on the menu is good, but here’s a closer look at the goods from our latest visit:


Janie Wu

Chaat Dog

THE Sherkaan staple. The chaat dog is one of Sherkaan's most popular items on snack pass for good reason—each element is so different but delicious in its own right (cucumber raita, pomegranate, garlic chili chutney), and the kebab / toasted bun at the base are a savory, salty, crunchy, fragrant combo that brings everything together. Although we’ve tried all of the kebab options (veg, lamb, and chicken), we still go back and can say each one is worth trying in its own way. The veg option is a bit crisper on the outside and soft on the inside (like falafel), but the lamb and chicken are distinctly meatier and have a bit chewier texture. Depends on what you’re into, but it’s really hard to go wrong with this one. #1 intro dish if you’ve never been.

Orange Cardamom French Toast

This delight was actually from Sherkaan’s brunch series, and can we just say…Carda-YUM. The bread itself was thick, fluffy, mildly sweet and fragrant. The apricot compote on top gave the bread a nice, fruity kick, and the other toppings (two dollops of almond chantilly cream and a bunch of slivered almonds) brought a wonderful blend of creamy, crunchy textures to the dish. Highly recommend.


Desi Home Fries

Janie Wu

This dish was a spin on your classic roasted breakfast potatoes with the addition of curry leaf, green chili, and maggi, which made the potatoes extremely aromatic. Honestly these were surprisingly big chunks of potato, but no complaints! The crispy fried finish on the potatoes was very pleasant and picked up the acidic, ketchup-like sauce that came with them extremely well. Be warned though, the spicy sauce heats up over time—be sure to have your spice tolerance and chai at the ready.


Classic Chai

Janie Wu

Classic Chai

Sherkaan's Chai comes in a small glass with a classic pack of buttery, crispy Parle G biscuits for dipping. The chai is a beautiful, warm flavor and color; we were really surprised at how much it tasted like the homemade chai my Indian-American friend’s mom brews for us back at home (Anton Ego ratatouille moment!?). Anyways, this drink was a wonderful complement to the punchy, flavorful main dishes for its even, milky taste—great for alleviating spice.

Janie Wu

Nimbu Pani (aka Indian Gatorade)

Lime cordial, black salt, lime juice, masala soda, mint

The Nimbu Pani came in a simple drinking glass garnished with black salt and mint; it’s what Sherkaan calls their “Indian Gatorade.” The color and limey flavor are in fact reminiscent of lemon-lime Gatorade, but Sherkaan’s version is lighter, milder, and comes with extra touches (like the black salt and spices) that add a layer of depth that you can’t quite figure out just one sip.

Big thanks to Sherkaan for having us!! If you haven’t been, consider this a personal recommendation and let us know what you think! :)