Located just a short drive from campus, Shema Sushi provides refreshing sushi, with a focus on quality and taste. Inside the brightly lit restaurant and behind the open kitchen, head chef Dalim Kim emphasizes the wide range of textures and tastes that can be packed in those tiny pieces of yumminess, and treats each dish with painstaking attention to presentation and flavor.


Photo by Parsa Lotfi

Sushi is clearly the star of this restaurant, with a vast selection of nigiri sushi, sashimi and rolls to meet all kinds of demands. Rolls, perhaps the most popular items here, are served with fresh ingredients and house made sauces. In addition to traditional sushi rolls, there are also some of Chef Kim’s Asian fusion inventions on the menu. When we visited, we tried the Hot Snapper and Spider rolls. The Hot Snapper came with a house made, Korean-influenced spicy sauce over the fresh rice, greens and fish. The spider roll was stuffed with copious amounts of freshly fried soft-shelled crab.


Photo by Parsa Lotfi

Beside the large variety of sushi, other popular Japanese dishes are also available here. Appetizers like agadeshi tofu, miso soup, and fresh salads all make a great starter if you are in the mood for traditional Japanese fare. In addition to other renowned Japanese entrees, there is also a selection of traditional ramen and udon noodle bowls. A popular menu item, the Sushi Salad Bowl contains a generous serving of fresh fish with the house made Shema Miso dressing on a bed of fresh salad and a miso soup, all come at an excellent price well suited for lunch.
With its fresh palate and fair prices, it’s hard to say sayo-nara Shema Sushi.


Location: 277 Alexander St, Rochester NY 14607
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri: 11am – 10pm, Sun: 12pm – 10pm