We all have late-night cravings, and since the takedown of City Diner, the options for food on campus past 8 pm have been lacking. These include Wow Cafe, which, let's face it, gets old, and food delivery services such as Uber Eats or Postmates that get pricey. Thankfully, the creation of Sexy Cakes, a student-run late-night delivery service at Tulane University, came just in time, with a more manageable price tag than other delivery services. 

Kate Stackel

Sexy Cakes, known for its youthful appeal and business acumen, was up and running in September of 2019. You can order on their website or through Venmo, and your food will be at your dorm in thirty minutes. On March 2, 2020, Sexy Cakes 2.0 was launched with a more extensive menu sponsored by a professional chef. For their revamp, the Sexy Cakes crew relocated to an off-campus kitchen in order to accommodate their growing customer base and demand. Sexy Cakes is now being run from 10 pm-12 am Monday through Thursday. Being a freshman at Tulane, I felt like Sexy Cakes was something I needed to try. Here are some highlights from the common Sexy Cakes items:

The Sexy Shake:

The refreshing treat comes in two classic flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The Sexy Shake is perfect for when your sweet tooth hits. Even when it's consumed tens of minutes after being made, the Sexy Shake is perfectly cold, and it tastes like an elevated ice cream sundae. While not necessarily filling on its own, the Sexy Shake is the perfect item to accompany with a heartier option.

Kate Stackel

The Full Send:

The Full Send is a smörgåsbord comprised of three components—chocolate pancakes atop a waffle; a grilled cheese with a side of potato chips; and a bacon, egg, and toast plate.

Let’s start with the bacon, egg, and toast plate. The toast is nice and crunchy, which is a nice supplement to the rest of the dish. The eggs are fluffy and have a really nice flavor, but the real standout has to be the bacon. Coated in honey and brown sugar, the bacon is successful at composing a uniquely harmonious combination of sweet and umami.

Kate Stackel

The Grill Next Door—commonly known as a grilled cheese—while messy, really hit the spot. A great choice when craving something cheesy, the grilled cheese uses the same crunchy bread as the bacon, egg, and toast plate. This fulfilling dish will definitely have you reaching for the water.

And last but not least, the Sexy Cakes and Thicc Waffles. The chocolate chips definitely make the dish incredibly decadent. This dish alone can fuel students for their night of studying ahead. With sugar on top and a side of syrup, this combination dish is everything I think about when I hear the word “breakfast.”

Kate Stackel

Overall, even if you start your night hungry, you definitely won’t stay that way for long. Whether you're up late studying or relaxing with some friends, you will not fail to be comforted by some breakfast food. So, next time your late-night cravings call, consider skipping Wow Cafe and giving Sexy Cakes a try... I know I will.