As emerging food and restaurant concepts continue to erupt across the Twin Cities, Brian Ingram, COO and owner of New Bohemia, has created a one of a kind experience that customers are sure to enjoy. Seventh Street Truck Park is an indoor truck yard that hosts three food trucks, three bars, and an endless amount of retro vibes.

Foodies, you'll be in heaven...

Seventh Street Truck Park is home to three, quirky and unique food trucks that each hosts a different type of food. Serving up American road-trip inspired classics, with ingredients ranging from pork to elk and all the way to rattle snake, this park is sure to offer a taste you'll only find here.

tacos, chicken
Hailey Almsted

In one truck, a lime green RV with two fitting names, "Chix & Ribs" and "Tacos," you'll find an array of classic tenders and ribs with a sweet, yet spicy taste, and a variety of street tacos with just the right amount of kick. Also in this truck is delicious biscuits, slaw, and mac and cheese.

dough, sauce, crust, cheese, pizza
Hailey Almsted

Next in line, the "Pizza" truck, a 1979 Winnebago, has the largest variety when it comes to flavor, offering their unusual tastes as well as a build-your-own section. With five original flavors, the Minnesota Wild, Surly Pizza, Bankok Duck, Predator and Prey, and Trailer Park Vegan, there's something for everyone.

gingerbread, cake, chocolate, cookie
Hailey Almsted

And now for everyone's favorite, the "Ice Cream" truck will bring out Mojo Monkey Doughnuts, with flavors like Rum & Brown Sugar Bacon, T-Rex Cookies, and Sebestian Joe's Ice Cream. The best part of this truck? They offer a 20 lb ice cream sandwich, with 10 lbs of T-Rex Cookies and 5 lbs of delicious ice cream. Before you know it, you'll truly be in dessert heaven.

Cocktail Connoisseurs, Liquorists, and Mixologists, here's to you!

chocolate, beer, cake
Hailey Almsted

As well as the three delicious food trucks, Truck Park has three open bars housed in vintage VW busses. The center bar offers rum-infused drinks, like Koolaid cocktails, Mai Tais, and Hurricanes, as well as a variety of on-tap beers. The two other trucks offer an extension of the taps, offering 25 ounce and 40 ounce vintage brews and $10 bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 and Boone's Farm. 

pizza, wine, beer
Hailey Almsted

Truck Park is essentially every college student + foodies dream. Not only are there endless options, but 9/10 options are completely unique to the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Whether you're looking to try something different and new, or just looking to grab a drink with friends, Seventh Street Truck Park is the place to be.