There are a variety of local places to go to enjoy a flaky pastry or dessert; but none can compare to Sprinkleista. One of the newest faces of Schenectady's beloved Jay Street (along with Raw and Dames), this bakery hosts a wide variety of sweets, cakes, and cookies, with ambitious plans for growth. Sprinkleista is much more than its bright decor and bubbly aesthetic; within these doors lie some of the best baked goods I have ever eaten (and trust me, I've eaten a lot), especially in Schenectady. Here are some of my favorite flavors readily available at Sprinkleista for your tastebuds.

1. S'mores Cheesecake

chocolate, cupcake, butter, cream
Sam Fogarty

It's as good as it looks. A base of graham cracker crumble filled with a chocolatey cheesecake, topped with melted (then chilled) dark chocolate, and a toasted marshmallow. This dessert is the perfect combination of s'mores and cheesecake flavor; a rich and bold flavor combination. 

2. Poop Emoji Chocolate Meringues

Whether you or your friend is having a "crappy" day, these tasty bites can put an end to it. Sold in a box of 6, these are ideal to share with friends during late night study sessions or celebrations. Keep this in mind for when you're studying for finals at two in the morning and feel like, well, sh*t. 

3. Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cupcake

cupcake, chocolate, buttercream, raspberry, cream, cream cheese
Sam Fogarty

Sprinkleista takes cupcake flavors to a whole new level. Every bakery claims to have the moistest, or most flavorful, or richest cupcakes, but this bakery truly trumps all. Not only was the base buttery and fluffy, the frosting complemented this sweet flavor. The fresh raspberry on top completed this cupcake, and it's now one of my favorite cupcakes. Go Sprinkleista!

4. Apple Spice Cupcakes

cupcake, peanut butter, peanut, butter, chocolate, caramel, buttercream, cream
Sam Fogarty

Craving seasonal desserts? Swing by Sprinkleista and check out their latest creations; for autumn, an apple spice cupcake. This cupcake combined the classic flavors of apple pie with the sweet and rich qualities of cupcakes. To explore the humanistic qualities of cupcakes, check out this article.

5. Decorated Cakes

There's no better way to celebrate than a Sprinkleista cake. Pre-order for the big day of graduation, and your family and friends will not be disappointed. Not only are the cakes beautifully and carefully decorated, but they taste amazing too. With the bakery a short walk from campus, this is easy to pick-up in the rush of your final few days at Union. Check out these other foods to help with the pain of graduating. 

Whether you have a regular sweet tooth, a newfound craving, or just want to stress eat your way through exams, it's time you check out Schenectady's own Sprinkleista. Just a five minute walk from campus for these quality, tasty, and affordable treats.