If you’re a student at the University of Michigan you’ve probably had a meal at Sava’s for one reason or another. Located on State Street right off of central campus, Sava’s has become the go-to place for anything from swanky date nights to casual get togethers. I found myself back yet again this past weekend for a friend’s birthday dinner, and I couldn’t help but wonder if Sava’s actually lives up to all the talk around campus.

Two hours later, I was ashamed those thoughts had even crossed my mind.

Right when you walk in to Sava’s you are welcomed by friendly employees and a cozy environment that makes any occasion feel special. Whether you’re stopping by in between classes for a quick lunch with a friend or holding an event with their catering menu, Sava’s can provide exactly what you are looking for in a dining experience. But let’s get to the good stuff.


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

When it comes to their menu, Sava’s has more variety than you would ever expect from a single restaurant. To give a preview, think everything from fish tacos, turkey burgers, lobster mac and cheese, ahi tuna salad and don’t even get me started on the appetizers (I think I could live off of that spinach dip for the rest of my life).

They also recently started serving Chestnut Farms Amish Chicken (free-range, gluten free, all of that good stuff) and certified Piedmontese Beef: a low fat, low-calorie, high protein beef originating from Northwest Italy. Sava’s does going green with style.

tuna final

Photo by Zoe Zaiss

This is one of reasons the Ann Arbor favorite is perfect for large groups or the picky eaters that I’m sure we all know and “love”. I’ll admit the biggest issue is just deciding on which dish to order from the endless list of overwhelmingly delicious-sounding options. Although the prices can seem a little steep for a college student’s budget (entrées ranging from about $9-$25) the quality of the food outweighs any doubts one could have.

fish tacos

Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Additionally, if you plan on dining on one of the busier weekend nights, be sure to make a reservation. The cozy environment can often get a little too cozy when the bar and waiting area is crowded with eager diners. All in all, I can only conclude that this classic still has it going on. As far as I’m concerned, Sava’s will never be a place that I only used to go to all of the time.


Location: 216 South State Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun: 8 am – 12 am