Salads can be terribly boring. Like iceberg-lettuce-and-ranch-dressing boring. Here at Spoon, we love a scrumptious ass salad so we’ve compiled a list of places to find the best salads around campus based on taste, convenience, and what salad mood you’re in.

For the classic, no frills salad.

GIF courtesy of @giphy

GIF courtesy of @giphy

Milano’s Market is your place. It’s super close to campus and they’ve got all the toppings you could want. Milano’s is also great if you’re just generally undecided — if you come with the intention of getting a salad, but then remember you feel just about as warm and fuzzy towards vegetables as Cookie Monster does, they’ve got bomb ass sandwiches too.

For living every betches’ dream.

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Sweetgreen is a betches’ paradise. Go there to load up on (or rather have a perfectly portioned amount of) farro, spring pea shoots, and raw seeds. Be careful when ordering and avoid getting too many premium add-ins. Let’s save your bank account from a bougie salad heart attack.

For getting creative with yo toppings.


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Priced by weight, West Side Market is the perfect place to remedy Sweetgreen’s premium-priced items. Feel free to ball out on toppings like avocado and steak without breaking the bank. Take advantage of the extensive selection and try a combo you might not initially think will work. Composing the perfect salad is a low risk, high reward prospect at West Side.

For all that leafy goodness.


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Most people go to Dig Inn for their market plates, but they actually have really delicious salads with some toppings you can’t find at other places (think braised fennel, farro with butternut squash, and cardamom dressing). Go there and get your health on.

For the unconventional salad-lover.


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Easily the most neglected of the places on this list, Subs Conscious on Amsterdam has really great, reasonably priced salads. Like Milano, they also have sandwiches, so if this whole salad thing is just you playing around, you’re at a sub place so you’re in luck.