Ella Williams not the kind of girl you would find wandering the frozen pizza aisle of Tesco. With more than 2,000 Instagram followers and a website featuring some of the most amazing colourful desserts, Ella’s more like Nigella Lawson meets Holland & Barrett. The most impressive part? She’s still an undergraduate student (at St Andrews, no less!).

Ella’s star is totally rising, too. She’s already done a number of events in St Andrews from the Fife Food Festival to 21st birthday parties, The Sassy Coconut (picked to remind students that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring) is only getting started.

What She Makes

Sassy Coconut

Photo courtesy of @rawfoodkitchen on Instagram

The Sassy Coconut brings the best of both the healthy and the dessert worlds to the table (spoiler: not an oxymoron, it’s the real deal). Using raw vegan ingredients, Ella crafts desserts like cheesecake and chocolate. With everything from vanilla-berry to a green kale cheesecake, there’s nothing this girl can’t do.

The goji berry chocolate is creamy and rich. The cheesecake tastes like a fruity sorbet with a decadent crunchy base. Need I say more? Are you already obsessed?

How She Does It

Sassy Coconut

Photo courtesy of @rawfoodkitchen on Instagram

No sugar? No problem. “I actually find using plantbased sweeteners a lot easier,” Ella says. “Since my desserts are mainly raw, using conventional sugar wouldn’t work as there’s no cooking process to dissolve the sugar.”

Instead, Ella uses agave and maple syrup to flavour her desserts. While she admits that there’s a basic formula to her cheesecakes (you can’t go wrong with coconut oil and cashew nuts!), that doesn’t stop her from getting creative with the flavors. Here’s some other creative stuff you can do with coconut oil.

Where to Find Ella

Sassy Coconut

Photo by Jody Brimacombe

Want to get your hands on these treats? You’d be crazy not to. The Sassy Coconut does a new dessert every week. The order process is simple: follow the link on the Facebook page, then pick your dessert up between 1.30-5.30pm every Tuesday from Frasers’ on South Street. Easy as pie.

Looking for a cheesecake for an event? Ella’s more than flexible. “I can make different sized cakes depending on your budget,” she says. You can even request different flavors or suggest themes. YES, please.

Want more information? You can get in touch with Ella at her website, through Facebook, or by email at thesassycoconut@outlook.com.