Most people might not immediately think of typing 'sandwich shop' into their phones when looking for their next lunch spot, but I think a lot of people forget the convenience and overall enjoyment that sandwiches have to offer. That's why I wanted to highlight 3 of the best sandwich shops in Victoria, BC right now that are really doing this easy meal justice.   

Meat & Bread

sauce, cheese, mustard, sandwich
Katie Davidson

This sandwich shop has become a bit of a west coast staple, with locations in both Vancouver and Seattle as well. Their menu serves up a different sandwich special on the daily and they always have a vegetarian option on hand. Just like the name suggests, their sandwiches are usually fairly simple with a heavy focus on meat, but they never disappoint in terms of taste and quality. Definitely worth heading inside if you're ever meandering in downtown Victoria.  


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Katie Davidson

With two locations in Victoria, Picnic always has you covered during your lunch break. The daily sandwich, soup, and salad specials at both locations are posted on their Tumblr page every day so that you're always in the loop. Last time I was there I tried their chipotle lime braised brisket, and though it may not be the most photogenic sandwich, it's certainly 10/10 in flavour. You can hit this place up Monday to Friday and with new sandwich options every day, you'll never be bored.

Fol Epi 

cheese, turkey, avocado, chicken, sandwich
Katie Davidson

An organic bakery that serves up fresh bread and pastries as well as sandwiches, Fol-Epi has got it all. All of their sandwiches are made on fresh bakery bread thats made on site in a wood-fired brick oven. I tried one of their sandwiches made with coppa – a cured pork meat – on one of their fresh baguettes and I have to say it was a hit. Top that off with one of their baked goods and you've set yourself up for a nice afternoon of people watching and enjoying the rustic ambiance of the restaurant.

More than just slices of bread

All three of these places served up some pretty sweet sandwich options, and with all of them having either daily specials or extra treats to order on the side, you really can't go wrong. So the next time you're in Victoria searching for that perfect sandwich, be sure to check these places out. Make sure you double check their hours before you set you're heart on a sandwich though, Meat & Bread, and Picnic are only open Monday - Friday till 4pm.