If you're tired of your usual morning coffee, I've got the perfect place for you. Home Cafe, with locations in Noriega and Clement, is one of the newest and trendiest coffee shops in San Francisco. Put on the map by their birthday cake latte (a vanilla latte with condensed milk and a splash of hazelnut syrup), Home Cafe offers bizarre coffee combos like the Coke-tastic (espresso, Coke, and ice cream) and a matcha-gato (a matcha affogato).

tea, cake
Kelsey Tillinghast

If you're not that daring, it also offers classics like the mocha and the latte, as well as unique twists on them like the Nutella latte, the red velvet latte, and my personal favorite, the coconut vanilla latte.

sweet, candy, coffee, cake, cream, chocolate
Kelsey Tillinghast

Along with their amazing coffee, Home Cafe also bakes incredible pastries and toasts daily. Although each location offers different options, both offer everything from sweet toasts like cinnamon sugar (only available at the Noriega location) to more savory toasts like their let's avo-cuddle, which is toasted French bread with baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, and avocado (only available at the Clement location).

tea, coffee, beer, wine
Kelsey Tillinghast

Aside from their unique coffee and baked goods, Home Cafe offers an amazing aesthetic. Both locations are great places to meet up with friends and take cute pictures, but also get work done. People are always seen there with friends or behind their laptops. Most importantly, the staff is so friendly. They're extremely kind and willing to take their time to explain the menu and find the perfect drink for you. 

The next time you find yourself in the Sunset or Richmond Districts, be sure to stop by Home Cafe for some great coffee and company.