“Put it between two slices of bread and it’s better, that’s a fact,” promises food truck owner Casey Brooks, who knows a thing or two about sandwiches. Sammitch is a mobile operation,  serving out of two trucks and one smaller food cart. Brooks graduated from the University of Oregon in 2010. After finishing school, he decided to go to Spain and travel around for 6 months until he ran out of money and had to start thinking about his future. While still abroad, he purchased a food cart from Craigslist which waited for him in Eugene until he returned.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

When I asked him why he wanted to start a food truck, Brooks said, “I was sick of cooking for people and not getting paid.” He had learned to cook from his parents, who were both trained cooks. After buying the cart, he began traveling to festivals. His first festival was Earth Dance Northwest in Tidewater Oregon, and it was a success– his food was a hit and sold out. Just seven months later, Brooks purchased his first truck and was able to buy another after six more months. Seeing Brooks in action is fascinating as he clearly loves what he is doing. He talks to customers like he has known them for years and takes pride in the food that he serves. “I actually really care about making good food,” he said, “and I would never serve it unless I was stoked on it.”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

The food is nothing short of fantastic. During my interview with Brooks, a hungry customer ordered a BLAT, which is a bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich topped with Havarti cheese, all on ciabatta bread. The cheese literally oozes from the sandwich and made my mouth water.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Brooks also fries organic carrots in a vegan batter, which pairs perfect with the sandwich. Some other sandwiches he makes include the CheezyMMMitch and the Hammie-N-Piney. The names are entertaining and fit Brooks’ eccentric personality.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

The moment that Brooks knew Sammitch had made it was when it was named the No. 2 food truck in Eugene by the Eugene Weekly. This truck truly deserves the title. As for the future, Brooks doesn’t see himself ever opening a restaurant. “I want to run food trucks for life.”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

This summer he will be traveling to over eleven different festivals along the west coast, serving sandwiches to anyone who wants to try something new. It is a food truck not to be missed, and if Brooks’ contagious, positive vibe doesn’t captivate you, his food surely will.

Location: Cart Location (Truck Locations Change Daily) 1699 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402 Hours: Always changing, check website for complete list of hours.