Ever had a craving for sushi late at night? My roommate and I do constantly. After Googling “open sushi restaurants” at 9:30 pm we found ourselves at Auburn’s newest sushi spot: Rock N Roll Sushi, located on Glenn Avenue. Even late at night the atmosphere was fun and exciting. Since that fateful night, I have made countless trips back.

When you enter Rock N Roll you are greeted not only by the energetic waitstaff, but also loud rock music. It is a different feel from any other sushi restaurant I have been to, but by far my favorite. Believe it or not, the food rocks even more than the music. The menu is split up into “Opening Acts” (appetizers), “Classic Rock” (common sushi rolls) and “Headliners” (unique sushi rolls).

Photo courtesy of Rock n Roll Sushi Auburn on Facebook

Whether you want to try something new, or get the same sushi you can find at other restaurant, Rock ‘N’ Roll has something for you. The “Headliners” are named after various rock icons, for example the “KISSS Roll” and the “Deff Leopard Roll”. My personal favorite is the “Red Hot Chilli Pepper Roll” which consists of shrimp tempura and spicy tuna topped with jalapeno, more tuna, and spicy mayo. It’s amazing. Trust me.

Photo courtesy of Rock N Roll Sushi Auburn on Facebook

If you aren’t stuffed full of sushi at the end of your meal, you can check out the “After Party” part of the menu. This features multiple dessert options including one of the best cheesecakes I’ve tasted. It’s no wonder Rock N Roll has recently been nominated for the Best Food Chain in Alabama.

Take advantage of their new buy one roll, get one half price spring semester special every Monday through Thursday. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out this great new restaurant in downtown Auburn. As they say “come eat the best sushi around and rock out with your chopsticks out”!