Wondering what you should do during the next long weekend? Need to escape all the stress of work? A road trip is the perfect solution- just grab some friends, get some bus tickets or hop in a car, and hit the road. This is a guide to planning a road trip across the UAE with food destinations in mind.

1. Abu Dhabi 

Your first stop is right here in Abu Dhabi. Stock up on some snacks and get ready to take an amazing trip. Before you go ahead, make sure you stop at Shish Shawerma to grab a few sandwiches for the road. If you have time, pass by The Coffee Club for some smoothies and light snacks - don't miss out on the French Toast!  

2. Al Ain

Only 2 hours away, Al-Ain is your next stop. By the time you reach there, you'll be craving a light snack. Stop by The Tea Lounge for a quick stop and grab some coffee for the rest of the trip. If you're feeling hungry, stop for some brunch and drinks at Trader Vic's.

#SpoonTip: Order a bunch of starters from there instead of the main courses. They'll fill you up, and that way, you can try a bunch of different options.

3. Dubai

Drive for another 2 hours to reach your next destination: Dubai! The city offers a wide range of cuisines, but you can't eat everything at once. If you're on the road and can't wait to eat, stop by Last Exit for some amazing food trucks and high-quality photo ops.

If you can manage to wait till you get to the city, hit up City Walk for a great view and try some burgers at Burger Joint, or some grill and shisha offered at Nar. The best way to end your meal on a hot afternoon is of course with some fro-yo for dessert at Earth Fruits Yogurt.

4. Sharjah 

Not far from Dubai, Sharjah has much to offer. The short half hour ride will offer tea and authentic Emirati food from Arabian Tea House Cafe.  If you're willing to try an interesting blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine, head towards Katis Restaurant - definitely try the chicken momos (stuffed dumplings) while you're there.  

5. Ajman

The distances between your food stops seem to be getting short and shorter. The smaller Emirate is only 20 minutes away from Sharjah. The short ride is just enough time to digest before you head to Kiyi for some Turkish food and live music.  

#SpoonTip: Pass by any small cafeteria for some karak tea and a short break from the road.

6. Umm Al Quwain 

Another half hour ride before you reach your next destination: Umm Al Quwain! A hit in this small Emirate is Thunder Road Pizza & Grill, if you wanna grab a quick bite. The spectacular service is only complimentary to the delicious pizza.

7. Ras Al-Khaimah 

Drive for an hour to meet the Emirate filled with mountains and nature. The hidden gems of this emirate include Nini Gelato and Cafe for some Italian coffee and gelato, and TreeTop Bar to stretch your legs and have some fun. 

8. Fujairah 

2 hours to go before you reach the final stop of your road trip- Fujairah! This Emirate has so much to offer but you don't want to miss out on the Indian food offered at Swaad. The Baywatch Pool Bar is also a great place to go to end your trip on a fun, lighthearted note.  

Congratulations! Your road trip across the UAE is over and you probably won't be able to move from how much you've eaten for at least another week. Take some friends, head out, and eat your hearts out.