Let’s be Riverside real here, probably half of the liquid content in our bodies is composed of some type of caffeine. Being in college means we are working hard to achieve our goals, getting involved on our campus, and making a difference in the world. This also means we’re being stretched extremely thin. We’re going from meeting to meeting (usually late into the night), writing essays, doing projects, aka #teamnosleep. We need to do something to stay awake and for most of us, that something is coffee.

I’ve found 5 shops you can get amazing coffee to boost your energy all within the vicinity of our campus. If you don’t drive and haven’t ventured off of campus yet, what are you waiting for? Most of these shops are accessible by bus, uber, even a bike ride if you’re ballzy.

1. Molino’s

Photo Courtesy of @_brian_sherpa_ on Instagram

Molino’s was my first ever non-Starbucks coffee experience in Riverside. This is embarrassing but I may have ordered a hot chocolate (lol.) Since then, I’ve had a number of their menu items and I must say all of them are quite impressive. Perfect study spot.

2. Arcade Roasters

Photo Courtesy of @ArcadeRoasters on Instagram

Okay, so you won’t be able to sit down and study here. That’s because it’s in a garage. I know. It sounds strange but let me tell you. The coffee connoisseurs here are in it to win it with their coffee, so much that they go based off donations. No set prices here. Something interesting to try: their carbonated cold brew. They’re only open until 2p.m. so get there early.

3. Kraemer’s Koffee Bistro

Photo Courtesy of @mrbiggsmenu on Instagram

This is the only place on this list that will get you full as well as give you your daily caffeine buzz. They have a variety of breakfast sandwiches, bagels, paninis, and other baked goods.

4. Lift Coffee Roasters

Photo Courtesy of @LiftCoffeeRoasters on Instagram

Okay, I’ll admit this one’s a bit farther off campus but only by about a few miles on the 91. You’ll find a bunch of coffee enthusiasts doing what they love. Not only is the coffee nice and strong, it’s an aesthetically pleasing place to get some work done, or people watch if you’re like me.

5. Augie’s Coffee House

Photo Courtesy of @joshuajhager on Instagram

I have a thing for checkered floors and this place has it. Not that the floors are the only thing I go there for, but it won me over. Their cold brew is some of the best I’ve had and it’s the only thing I ever get. Great coffee and #studyvibez. What more can you ask for? Also guys check out Joshua Hager on Instagram, he’s a 2legit2quit food blogger with amazing photos.