Hey, Spiders. Richmond was named one of the top 8 under-the-radar ~foodie~ cities in the world by Huffington Post, so it’s about time for you to get out of dhall and explore all the food this city has to offer. Here’s a list to help you out:

You’re Cramming for Exams and the Library is Full: Boyer’s

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @baegoals_bagels on Instagram

Secret’s Out. Boyer’s is not just a place for delicious ice cream and melt in your mouth BECs but also the perfect study spot if you’re getting sick of the views in Boatwright. If you pass through the glass doors past the register, you’ll enter a peaceful study haven.

And on the plus side, when you get bored of studying – because we know we all do – you can distract yourself with ice cream, coffee, bagels and maybe even a couple bae-goals.

#Spoontip: They have dairy free flavors too, don’t worry.

What to order: Birthday Cake or Just Ask ice cream (or maybe both).

You’re Sick of 8:15: Lamplighter Roasting Company

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of lamplighter.com

When you find yourself out of dining dollars and have to start using that pesky “real” money, ditch 8:15 and head to Lamplighter Roasting Company. This cute coffee shop is located right outside of Carytown and is great to grab a coffee and spend the day studying.

Grab a coffee, sit outside and chill until you’re hungry because Lamplighter not only has great coffee but delicious sandwiches also.

What to order: A cappuccino and an Apple Bottom sandwich (turkey, brie, sliced apples, arugula and horseradish honey mustard on focaccia) for the classiest meal you’ve had in a while.

You’re Craving Mexican: Original Mexican Restaurant (AKA Mexico’s)

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of Original Mexican Restaurant on Facebook

Mexico’s is the perfect place to hit up before a Thursday downtown or a Friday night lodge. Enjoy endless chips and salsa while sipping on one (or a few) margs.

What to order: Chicken quesadilla and a lime margarita on the rocks.

You Need to Grab Lunch for Under $10 Between Classes: Lou’s

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo by Claire Putman

From sandwiches to salads to wraps to baked goods, Lou’s is the perfect place on campus to go in between classes. It’s easy, walking distance and you won’t even have to use “real” money.

What to order: Make your own salad with all the toppings you desire. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, get the homemade brownies. They’re too good to be true.

#Spoontip: Ask for avocado on your salad. 

Location: The Robins Business School

You’re Craving Greasy Food: Galaxy Diner 

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @K_moriarty on Instagram

This crazy space themed diner is the perfect place to go on a Saturday morning when you’re not feeling too hot. Their plethora of options for every meal is sure to satisfy any insane craving you’re having.

What to Order: For an out of this world breakfast (pun intended) get the Black Hole Pancakes (pancakes with an oreo center).

You’re Craving a Burger: Burgerbach

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @burgerbach on Instagram

Good burgers are hard to find but lucky for you, this New Zealand inspired burger joint will easily satisfy any burger craving you may have. Create your own personal burger or choose from one of their many different burger choices. Whatever you may choose, we can assure you won’t be disappointed (especially if you get a side of their to-die-for fries).

What to order: The Aucklander (burger with guacamole, free-range mayo, uncured bacon, mixed greens, NZ Egmont cheese, tomato and dijonnaise) and fries. Make sure to get the dipping sauces too.

You’re craving Italian: Portico 

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo by Kiel Hollo

This is the place to go for all things Italian. From pizza and pasta to chicken and fish, Portico has it at all. Located on River Road and nestled in a cute country cottage, it’ll makes you feel like your sipping a glass of wine in the Italian countryside.

What to order: Gnocchi Alla Norma

You’re Craving Asian: Osaka

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @crunchandmunch on Instagram

Conveniently located two minutes from campus, Osaka is a go-to for UR students. They have everything from sushi to tempura to teriyaki, so even your sushi hating friends will love it. Stuck in the library all night or sick of dhall? No worries, Osaka delivers.

What to order: The Dancing Dragon Roll (Spicy salmon & crunch roll topped with kani & served with sweet Thai sauce) and a some Osaka Spring rolls.

You’re Trying to be Healthy: Ellwood Thompsons

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo by Julia Muro

The ultimate healthfood-mecca, Ellwood Thompsons should be your go-to for all things ~health~. Between their large variety of groceries, snacks and produce you will sure to find something you’ll love.

Aside from being a great grocery store, Ellwood’s also has an amazing salad/hot bar, a sushi station, a juice bar and a beautiful create bar. At the create bar you can design your own breakfast (waffles, eggs and yogurt bowls) or at lunch and dinner create your own bowl, sandwich or flatbread.

What to order:The Hipster Bowl (Organic Red Quinoa, Arugula, Butternut Squash, Granny Smith Apples, Baby Spinach, Microgreens, & Poppy Seed Vinaigrette).

#Spoontip: Top your bowl any of Ellwood’s homemade protein options and sliced avocado.

You’re Trying to be Romantic/Fancy: Azzuro

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @michael_lee_photos on Instagram

Conveniently located right next to campus, Azzuro is perfect for your next date night (with your significant other or even best friend’s). Their Italian-style menu will make your mouth water and is definitely a step up from Dhall’s penne.

What to Order: Ravioli al Tartufo

Your Parents are Visiting and They’re Footing the Bill: Graffiato

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @spoon_richmond on Instagram

When your parents come to visit and you want to show them an amazing eating experience, make sure to book a table at Graffiato.

Chef Mike Isabella (he was on Top Chef) is preparing homemade pasta, artisan pizzas and small plates that are inspired by his Italian grandmother.

What to order: The chef’s tasting menu if you’re looking for a true culinary experience.

You’re “Doing It for the Insta”: Duck Donuts

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo Courtesy of Caroline Early

Rated Richmond’s best donut shop, Duck Donut will definitely not disappoint. The donuts are made right in front of your eyes with endless topping choices. Your donut dreams (and Insta dreams) are sure to come true here.

What to order: Take your pick. Maple bacon donut, strawberry coconut donut, chocolate donut…you really just cannot go wrong.

You’re Craving Something Sweet: Sweet Frog

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy @swolesistaa on Instagram

There is nothing better than unlimited samples and self-serve fro-yo after a long day of classes and work. Hit up Sweet Frog when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and pile up your cup with topping.

SpoonTip: Make sure to mention that you are a student at UR for a discount. Huzzah.

What to Order: Fit as many flavors and toppings as possible into one cup and call it a day.

For When you Turn 21: Casa Del Barco

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @casadelbarco on Instagram

This trendy restaurant on the water is the perfect place to go for your friends 21st. The restaurant is big enough to accommodate parties and you can even rent out a section for events.

When you walk in the first thing you’ll notice is the abundance of empty tequila bottles hanging from the ceiling. If you and your friends finish a bottle, the restaurant will give you pens and the bottle to decorate and hang up.

What to order: Dynamite Shrimp Tacos, for something with a little kick- and don’t forget to wash it down with a classic El Barco margarita.

You’re Craving a Slice: Christian’s Pizza

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @christianspizzarva on Instagram

Whether you just want a slice of ‘za or a whole pie, head to Christians to get one of the favorite foods of a college student. You can sit down and enjoy the pizza there, take it to go, or even get it delivered to campus.

What to order: Margherita pizza or the BBQ pizza.

When You’re Hungover: Baker’s Crust 

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo by Kiel Hollo

No matter what time you wake up after a long night out, Baker’s Crust will always be there for you. If you’re in the mood for breakfast (which is served daily until 2pm), treat yo’ self to their Classic Eggs Benedict or Riviera French Toast.

Lunch and dinner are served all day so you’re gonna want to get your hands on one of their personal pizzas. Fresh out of the oven, they’ll leave you happy and smiling even after a night that may have been full of regrets.

What to order: The Tomato and Mozzarella Panini or Jamician French Toast.

When You Can’t Decide What You’re in the Mood For: The Daily Kitchen and Bar

Richmond's Ultimate Student Guide

Photo courtesy of @dailykitchenbar on Instagram

It is impossible to go to The Daily and not see a Richmond student. This is a go-to for us because there are so many options, mainly healthy ones and everything tastes so good.

The trendy seating area, fully equipt with a huge bar and tons of plants…everywhere, will make you want to sit there for hours (they are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as you keep ordering more food.

What to order: The Chicken Panini (all natural chicken, white cheddar, arugula, tomato, caramelized onions, chipotle aioli) with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and if you’re up for it: an Organic Dark Chocolate Brownie for dessert served with coconut vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce.