Rice is a staple at most of our beloved food trucks. Though not all of the trucks offer dishes with rice, the vast majority certainly do. What’s so great about this grain is that it can be accompanied by almost everything. It’s such a versatile base! Meat or vegetables, with or without sauce, spicy or not… these are only a few of the infinite choices possible. Through Rice Advice, I’ll share my grain adventures with you. I’ll review some of the best food trucks’ rice dishes and tell you where to go to enjoy both filling and diverse meals.

Our first truck is probably one of the most famous on campus. That being said, people don’t always think about rice when they picture Magic Carpet. Hummus, falafel, pita and vegan cookies are usually the first things that come to their mind. Yet, Magic Carpet’s “Meal Deals” offer amazing options if you’re craving our beloved cereal. For $6, you get rice and veggies with the topping(s) of your choice: tofu meatballs, tempeh, veggie chili or vine leaves among others. I chose the “Bedouin”, which came with the truck’s tasty falafel, topped with their special sauce, hot sauce and sesame seeds. The rice was well cooked and mixed with carrots, broccoli, kale and celery. The combined sauces added a spicy and creamy dimension to the rice, which made the whole dish come together nicely. If you avoid this truck because it’s vegan, I’d suggest trying this dish with tofu meatballs. They’re so good they’ll satisfy your “meat” cravings as well.


Photo by Julie Adam


Address:  2 locations: 36th and Spruce Street or 34th and Walnut Street

Hours:  Mon-Fri: 11am-3pm