It seems like the weather always tries to make me deviate from my plan. When I walked to class yesterday, everything was fine. Then came lunchtime, and rain started pouring outside. Not exactly the ideal conditions to trek to Drexel and try a new food truck. Yet, my friend and I stuck to our plan, and off we went to Cucina Zapata.

The truck is located on 31st and Ludlow, a small, hidden street, in the heart of Drexel nicknamed “Food Truck Alley”. Among the trucks, Cucina Zapata stands out as the most colorful. The staff was friendly and advised us to try their Chicken Katsu platter. The platter came with mixed lettuce and red cabbage, and a bed of rice topped with their special sweet and spicy sauce and chopped tomatoes. The breaded chicken was perfectly crispy and tender at the same time. The rice was perfectly cooked, sticky and delicious once mixed with the sauce. I also asked for Sriracha, while my friend added a fried egg. The portion was perfect and left us satisfied for $5 only. All-in-all worth the trek? We think so!


Photo by Julie Adam


Address: 31st and Ludlow

Hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm-6pm