After my family moved to central Florida, one of my favorite places to visit has been the little historical town of Mt. Dora. After a day of strolling around one weekend, we stumbled upon The Windsor Rose Tea Room and Restaurant. My family happened to be searching for a new brunch spot, so we decided to give it a try. 

The Windsor Rose is located in downtown Mt. Dora, and it fits wonderfully with the small-town atmosphere of the city. The staff is warm and inviting, and the atmosphere feels very homey. As the Windsor Rose is based on English tradition, there are plenty of historical artifacts from the country that adorn the restaurant. They even serve their food and beverages on authentic British china, and tea is even served by your own personal teapot.

They specialize in "English style fayre", serving breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dessert. To keep the experience as authentic as possible, everything is created and served as they would be in the UK (several dishes are even named after landmarks and famous persona from England). Regarding tea, they actually serve over 30 varieties, so they really do have something for everyone.

Before coming dining at The Windsor Rose, I never experienced real English food, or traditionally served tea for that matter. However, I was blown away by how amazing everything tasted. It had quickly become my family and I's favorite brunch spot when we visit downtown. 

The only times I have gone to The Windsor Rose so far has been for breakfast. The first time I went, my family and I started off with some tea. I ordered the Lady Earl Grey, which tasted very much like the original, but just a bit mellower.  

For the main entree, my family and I ordered the Queen’s Quiche. It comes with a large slice of their homemade quiche, hash browns, and your choice of toast. The quiche comes in either bacon and tomato, or spinach and leek, so I opted for the later. And let me tell you, I have never had a quiche so amazing in my life. Everything just melted in my mouth; the crust was wonderfully cooked, and the egg portion was seasoned well with surprising hints of butter. 

Olivia Stultz

The latest time I went back to The Windsor Rose was for Mother's Day. Upon sitting down, we were wonderfully surprised they were serving complimentary mimosas for all the mothers of the party. As for the rest of us, we got the tea again. The one I ordered was a variation of chai tea, and I remembered it to be very tasty with a lot of "spice" flavor. 

When it came to ordering the main entree, some of my family wanted to get the quiche again, but my mother and I decided to try something new. So, I ordered the Bonaparte French Toast (which I, unfortunately, didn't get a picture of); it is three servings of toast with housemade whipped cream and a fruit topping of your choice (apple or cherry berry). It was very tasty, and I liked how it wasn't too sweet, but sweet enough if you were looking for something that was. My mother ordered the Sir Francis Drake Fruit Bowl (as pictured below); it is a serving of mixed fruit, yogurts, and granola. As my mother claimed, she enjoyed it and found it great for someone who wants something light for breakfast. 

Olivia Stultz

From my experiences at The Windsor Rose Tea Room and Restaurant, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for amazing food in a relaxing setting. Overall, it's a great place to take in precious time with loved ones over delicious tea and authentic Brittish food. So, if you want a real high tea experience but can't travel to the UK, your next best option can be found at a quaint restaurant in Mt. Dora, Florida.