After an eventful day, my team and I sat down to learn about all things related to Ethiopian culture and traditions. We learned about the rich history of Ethiopia, their traditional dress, religions and languages. We also learned about their cuisine and how these delicacies are to be eaten. We finished up our event and decided that the best way to really learn about the Ethiopian culture would be to visit an authentic Ethiopan restaurant right here in Atlanta, GA.  

We took a trip to Desta Ethiopian Kitchen where, personally, it would be my first time ever trying Ethiopian food. I was excited, yet anxious because I'm very boring when it comes to the foods I eat. I usually eat a lot of pasta or soup and salad, which I knew I wouldn't be trying at Desta.

As soon as we arrived, the parking lot was full of people. Everyone was waiting around to be seated, or just talking with their friends and families. We were seated in about twenty minutes on the outside patio. It was about 7:30 PM and it was starting to get dark, so the patio lights were coming on. We took a look at the menu and I was so amazed at the detailed descriptions of every meal. They even had a dictionary for newbies like me!

I ordered the vegan (Yes vegan, I know!) miser, which is a spicy split red lentil stew. When they said spicy, they weren't lying. I wasn't really shocked that the stew was flavored because I knew Ethiopians were famous for their spices, but wow. It was honestly a completely different taste than anything I'd ever had. When using the injera, a sour-dough bread used to pick up the miser, it helped dial down the spiciness. I was also full within minutes.

Other members of the team ordered vegan denich wot, a potato stew, and chicken tibs, tender chicken sauteed in spices, onions and other vegetables. It all looked amazing; the atmosphere was very homely and warm. I'm so happy I stepped out of my usual food "comfort zone" to try Desta. 

 Sticking to the usual doesn't really make life exciting. It's the fun nights out with friends that my team and I live for. Hopefully we can have more nights out this school year, trying foods from other cultures. If you're ever in the Atlanta area and want to try something new, stop by Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. Whether you're a meat eater or not, there's something for you to try and most likely love.