With darty weather quickly approaching, I am thrilled to welcome back crop tops, croakies, and my favorite frozen treat, snow cones. Retro Sno is one of the most delicious food trucks I have yet to encounter here in Nashville. In order to make the most of this last month on campus, I suggest you take out your phones, follow their Twitter account, and track down the truck that is guaranteed to provide you with a refreshing pick-me-up.

Raspberry Wedding Cake


Photo by Kate Bentsen

For such contrasting flavors, the fruity kick of the raspberry blended incredibly well with the sweet wedding cake flavor. Unlike a number of my previous shaved ice experiences, Retro Sno perfected the ice to syrup ratio, leaving me with a scoop of snoball heaven. Topping it off with a dollop of whipped cream and single raspberry, these guys definitely earned some presentation points.

Root Beer Float


Photo by Kate Bentsen

Another style of shaved ice offered is the stuffed snoball, which includes a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of your bowl. This was a quirky spin on a classic treat, utilizing the best vanilla bean ice cream with a refreshing, homemade Root Beer syrup.

Peaches & Cream


Photo by Kate Bentsen

Lastly, I tried to get some variety by seeing how Retro Sno took on fruity flavors with ice cream, to which I was extremely satisfied. This was another kind of stuffed snoball that confirmed my decision to track down the truck for next week, and every weekend thereafter until my tongue is permanently dyed orange.


Photo by Kate Bentsen

Did I mention all of their syrups are not only homemade but also gluten free? You can locate this truck on their website, www.retrosnotruck.com or for a more up-to-date feed, follow them on Twitter @RetroSno.