I do not enjoy spending a bunch of money on a dish that doesn’t even fill me up. My empty stomach is making menacing noises at me, but they’re serving appetizers disguised as entrees. The struggle is real.

So here’s a list of restaurants on the Ave to ensure that you never leave a restaurant hungry again. For just $10, or less, you can get more than enough food to satisfy your roaring hunger.

1. Chipotle


Photo courtesy of @chipotlemexicangril on Instagram

For some of you, this is the obvious one. To win at Chipotle, have them stuff all the things into your burrito. Absolutely everything. Both rices. Both pinto beans and black beans. Fajita veggies. That meat. Two types of salsa. Corn. Sour cream. Cheese. Lettuce. Lots of lettuce. And if you’re feeling it, get that guacamole in there too. Bonus points if your burrito is so monstrous that they have to double wrap it — for free, of course.

2. MOD Pizza


Photo courtesy of @modpizza on Instagram

You can have as many toppings as you like, all at the same price. Amazing. Let the pizza crust be your canvas. Experiment. Innovate. Discover. MOD has created a universe in which your desires for a feta cheese, pepperoni, anchovy, ground beef, spinach, artichoke, pineapple, and crouton pizza can be fulfilled.

3. Som Tam Thai


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

For just $5.99 you can get a full-fledged Thai dish. This is the cheapest Thai spot on the Ave, but also one of the tastiest.

4. Mongolian Grill


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

This is the place you go to when you’re hungry enough to eat three horses. I can’t ever finish what I order.

A trip to Mongolian Grill guarantees two feasts for the price of one. Oh, and you have the option of paying for your food by the pound. By. The. Pound.

May you never ever again feel unfulfilled after eating out.