Believe it or not, Louisville, KY has some of the best restaurants–and I'm not just saying that because I grew up here. In my opinion, the food scene here is underrated and people don't typically expect just how much variety we have in the Ville. They also don't expect there to be a Louisville vegan's there and it's thriving.

While most people know Kentucky because of KFC (which I don't even eat), Louisville surprisingly has many options for all of my plant-based friends out there. If you're looking for some top notch plant based food, good booze, and southern hospitality, Louisville is the place to go.

1. Heart & Soy/Roots

Nikki D'Ambrosio

Heart & Soy and Roots are two connected restaurants–one more casual and the other a little fancier–in one of my favorite Louisville neighborhoods, The Highlands. The entire menu is vegetarian with the majority being vegan. The crispy mushroom dish at Heart & Soy may not be the healthiest thing on the menu but it is not something you want to miss.

2. Morels Cafe

New to the vegan life and craving things fast food? Morels takes OG meat classics like Big Macs and Arby's sandwiches and transforms them into a completely vegan meal. If you're on the go or looking for some vegan staples, they also offer several grab and go homemade dishes as well as vegan brands of cheese, jerky, etc.

3. Half Peach Bakery & Cafe

Half Peach is a fully vegan bakery in St. Matthews. While they are known for their baked goods, they also have savory menu options which are just as good!

#SpoonTip I love ordering from their hot bar. The dishes rotate daily but they are always delicious.

4. Flora Kitchenette

Another vegan cafe and bakery! Flora Kitchenette has some of the prettiest drinks, pastries, and avocado toast. Head on over for a fully vegan breakfast and be sure to snag some donuts before the sell out. 

5. Naïve

Nikki D'Ambrosio

Naïve opened a couple of months ago while I was at school and it was the #1 restaurant I wanted to visit on my trip home. If there was a restaurant that embodies every aspect of who I am, it would be Naïve. Not only is the space adorable and very #instaworthy, the menu is all locally sourced and mainly plant based with some meat options. I could go on and on about this place but you're just going to have to try it out yourself.

6. Migo

I am a taco fiend...they are my favorite food and Migo has upped the game for tacos in Louisville. The thing I love most about Migo is the options, there are meat and seafood options but also at least 7 well thought out veggie tacos–I'm not just talking fajita vegetables but buffalo cauliflower tacos FTW.

#SpoonTip order the Yuca tots...I dream about those things.

7. Monnik Beer Company

Nikki D'Ambrosio

I know, I know, a place like Monnik isn't really the most vegan friendly. With all the brews and heavy meat dishes, you'd be surprised to find one of my favorite vegan meals in Louisville. While the menu seems to change every few weeks, there is always an entree or two that's vegan and that usually involves jackfruit. In my opinion, jackfruit is so underrated and I am happy to see Monnik using it's full potential. 

8. The Weekly Juicery

Nikki D'Ambrosio

I couldn't write something on vegan friendly places in Louisville without including at least one juice and smoothie place. There are quite a few delicious smoothie places in Louisville but I love The Weekly Juicery because of the options. Between juices, smoothies, bowls, and raw snacks, it's hard to go wrong here.

9. Ramsi's Cafe

Ramsi's Cafe on the World was doing vegan before vegan was cool. Fair warning, the menu is huge, but that just means options for everyone. You can find vegan dishes with tofu, seitan, name it, they probably have it!

10. Mirin

If you love ramen, you have to go to Mirin on Frankfort Avenue and get their vegetarian ramen with the best ever crispy tofu. Tofu is not easy to make delicious but at Mirin, they know what they are doing. 

This list of restaurants only scratches the surface at all the great Louisville restaurants. You'd be surprised to find how accommodating restaurants are nowadays with food restrictions, it never hurts to ask!