Finding quality Thai food in the Southern Tier can seem like an impossible task for many. However, there is one beacon of light in this ongoing struggle, Thai Time. Located on Front Street, Thai Time is truly one of Binghamton’s underrated gems. With a modest decor the perfect mix between traditional and modern, the ambiance elicits a feeling of comfort and the food is phenomenal.


Photo By Jason Cruz

We were lucky enough to try three dishes while we were there. From what they had to offer from their Restaurant Week menu, we chowed down on one appetizer and two entrees.

For our appetizer we had the martini seafood salad. It was the perfect size and didn’t fill us up right off the bat like some appetizers have the potential to.  It was served at a chilled temperature and consisted of shrimp, avocado, and assorted vegetables in a refreshing sauce. The avocado served as a nice balance to the shrimp and sauce, acting as a sort-of palette cleanser. The salad was clean, crisp, and with the martini glass, full of personality.


Photo By Jason Cruz

As our first entrée, we were given the pineapple curry with chicken. It contained chicken, coconut milk, pineapple, bell pepper, bamboo shoot, string beans, snow peas, kefir lime leaves, and Thai basil leaf.  This dish was exceptionally smooth and accommodating for anyone who is avoiding dairy. The coconut milk base provides for a (non-dairy) creamy and fresh curry that doesn’t leave your stomach hurting. Additionally, the pineapple added the perfect hint of sweetness to the warm curry spices.


Photo By Jason Cruz

As our final entree we had the ginger delight with shrimp. The shrimp were cooked to perfection and the spice was just right. It consisted of ginger, onion, bell peppers, mushroom, bamboo, scallion, snow peas, and cabbage. The vegetables were gracefully stir-fried in the sauce which had enough flavor itself to carry throughout the entire dish.


Photo By Jason Cruz

Thai Time boasts a friendly atmosphere and is sure to satisfy your Thai food cravings. A special thanks to Thai Time for their generosity and hospitality!