As a Mediterranean food lover, I have searched near and far for the best Mediterranean restaurant in Atlanta, and I've finally found it in Rumi’s Kitchen. This authentic Persian restaurant is known for its aesthetic atmosphere and flavorful dishes. Be sure to venture out to one of Rumi's Kitchen locations in Midtown, Avalon, or Sandy Springs, because it is definitely a restaurant you do not want to miss. Keep reading to find out my favorite Rumi’s menu must-haves.


Start off your meal with a Middle Eastern-inspired appetizer – the Fattoush Salad. You will love this bowl of mixed heirloom tomato, herbs, romaine heart, and toasted flatbread drizzled with buttermilk dressing. The flavor of fattoush is bright and refreshing, with herbal notes that are accentuated by the acidity of the sumac and vinegar. Next, you can’t go to Rumi’s Kitchen without trying their classic Hummus dish. The savory Hummus has a creamy, smooth consistency, with finely ground chickpeas for a natural taste. Toasted pita and veggies are the perfect vehicle for this melt-in-your-mouth dip. Another flavorful dip is the yogurt duo: a creamy white sauce made with yogurt, cream, and cucumbers topped with mint, dill, olive oil, and garlic.


My favorite entree is the Roasted Salmon, served with dill and fava bean basmati rice. Taste the fresh salmon, full of citrus and buttery flavors. The dill and fava bean basmati rice hits just the right spot, with each spoonful giving a light, nutty and floral aroma. Another Mediterranean classic dish is kabob – choose from Rumi’s many choices such as Vegetable Kabob, Shish Kabob, Soltani Kabob, Barg Kabob, and Shrimp Kabob. Each kabob is served with a basmati rice, seasoned specifically to complement the dish.

Rices and Sides

Rice is a staple for Persian tables. Be sure to order a side of Shirin Rice or Baghali Rice at Rumi's Kitchen. The Baghali Rice is brimming with fragrant fresh green herbs and the scent of spring. The traditional herbs used in this rice are garlic chives, cilantro, parsley, and dill. If you’re looking for a sweeter rice, you will not be disappointed with the Shirin Rice. Shirin Rice is a glamorous and colorful dish flavored with sweet carrots, almonds, pistachios, and raisins. This dish has the ultimate mild sweetness, and a festive look that will brighten your table.

With its ultra-charming vibe, vivid hues, and savory Middle Eastern flavors, Rumi’s Kitchen has been climbing to the top of the charts! Be ready to dig in and share the dishes with everyone at your table – the more the merrier so that you can try all the flavors. I hope you enjoy these menu suggestions for the next time you head over to Atlanta’s most delicious Persian restaurant! Whatever you order at Rumi’s Kitchen, no doubt you will leave craving more.