If you live on Long Island and haven't been to Relish, you're truly missing out on an all-time best restaurant, where the quality foods and specials are truly up to par. Relish is the finest place to dine for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Speaking for myself (and others), you definitely won't be disappointed in what Relish has to offer. Their menu ranges from omelettes to freshly prepared burgers and home made milkshakes to soups, quesadillas, seafood – even meatloaf and cheese fondue. Relish has something to satisfy each and every crowd.

One of my favorite dishes from Relish is the frisco omelette served with their mouthwatering home fries and a choice of rye, whole wheat or white toast. The frisco contains crispy bacon, fresh avocado, potatoes, red onions and cheddar cheese. 

Melissa Pollack

The perfect fix to your sweet tooth on a Sunday morning for brunch is their popular banana Nutella french toast. The chefs at Relish stuff the Italian hazelnut chocolate into and on top of the french toast. The bananas complete the combo, and also allow us to vouch that it's somewhat healthy. 

Melissa Pollack

As for me, I prefer both savory and sweet. To fulfill both of your desires, I suggest you share these entrees with the company you come into Relish with. That way, you get best of both worlds.`