Emporium Pies is a well known spot around Dallas, so I decided to check it out after finding out that they launched a brand new gluten free pie! Here is everything I thought about my trip to Emporium Pies. Hint: more than just gluten free pie is included.

The Location 

Emporium has locations in McKinney, Deep Ellum and the Bishop Arts District. I visited the location in Deep Ellum, and was immediately struck by the unique vibe the area gave off. It was definitely Instagram worthy. As I walked up to Emporium Pies, the neon flashing sign and wallpapered wall drew me in even more. They had a few tables outside, with a heater so you can even sit outside and enjoy pie on chilly nights! Inside, they had a few tables sprinkled about, with a counter that tells you everything you needed to know about the amazing pie you are about to consume. They have seven pies, all probably equally tasty, but we tried three.

Here is what we thought.

The Pies 

For me, the choice was simple; Gluten Free Smooth Operator. A chocolate silk pie with a pretzel crust could not have sounded more delicious. It came out on a little white plate with a small fork, so you could dive right in. My first bite was a heavenly, silky, smooth endeavor of chocolate goodness. The crust was crunchy and salty, which perfectly balanced the intense chocolate flavor. As someone who absolutely loves chocolate, this couldn’t have been a more delicious combination. I loved that they now offer something for everyone, especially those with dietary restrictions. You no longer have to sit idly by while your friends eat slices of heaven. 

Lisa Burckhardt

But don’t worry, their other pies looked and probably tasted just as amazing. I brought some friends to try some other options and give me an idea of what they tasted like.

The Drunken Nut, a bourbon pecan pie, was dense, sweet and definitely bourbon-y, according to my test taster. It was thick, and delicious and paired well with the vanilla ice cream they offer. 

Lisa Burckhardt

We also tried The Nannerz, which consisted of bananas, with house-made vanilla custard, maple caramel and whipped topping. The fluffy, not to sweet pie with its crispy, crunchy crust was to die for, especially paired with the same vanilla ice cream.

The experience can be perfectly described in one word; delicious. It is definitely worth a trip it you have not been. The location in Bishop Arts District is amazing, because of everything the area has to offer. Not only will you be enthralled by the pie, but the surrounding coffee shops and small stores will have you never wanting to leave.