Yes, it's crazy, this pandemic situation that's happening in our world right now. But I am writing this to hopefully brighten your day and take you back to your favorite restaurants in Lewisburg! Whether it's for a casual lunch or more upscale dinner, the original intention of this article was to help on-campus students expand their palates while supporting local businesses. Well, as the situation has changed, the gist of the article remains the same. While everyone's sitting at home self quarantining, why not reminisce on our favorite food places of Lewisburg? Read on to see the top 10 spots we miss:

1. Nido

If you love Amami, then you are bound to love Nido as well. The newest restaurant in Lewisburg is home to the most amazing homemade pasta dishes. The menu changes from week to week, so you will never get tired of the selection - and it's BYOB! The Pesto Farfalle with burrata is a must have. Nido is open Wednesday -Saturday, so next time you're back on campus, feel free to stop in for the best Italian food in town! 

2. Reba and Pancho's

Reba and Pancho's is the perfect spot for your next date night. The restaurant has a homey feel to it, while it's ambiance is ideal because its located in an old home and the main dining room is on the first floor. The menu has a combination of an Italian and Mexican flare to it. And the fries are next level, as they are perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper, and rosemary, and come with a tasty green mayo sauce for dipping. 

 3. Lewisburg Hotel

Wing night is the best night! Every Thursday, The Lewisburg Hotel hosts wing night where you can get 1/2 dozen wings for $4.50 or a dozen wings for $7.00 - what a deal! There are also  other options on the menu to choose from if you find yourself there and do not like wings, but I would definitely recommend trying wing night!

4. Ard's Farm

At Ard's, all their recipes are made from scratch and the menu changes from season to season. Ard's works with local farmers so they are able to have lots of transparency with their customers about where their ingredients come from. If it's your first time at Ard's, I recommend trying the California Cobb salad or Chicken Caprese - they are two of my favorite dishes on the menu. Additionally, the Ard's market in  front of the store is  the best place to buy the freshest produce, and they have a great selection of treats in the fall. 

5. Grams 

Taco Tuesday! Every Tuesday night is taco night at Grams and it is BYOB, which makes it perfect for your next GNO (girls' night out). If you're not in the mood for taco's, Grams also serves breakfast and lunch with a wide variety of options on their menu. The omelets are a must-have for breakfast and you can't go wrong with the fried chicken sandwich for lunch or dinner.

6. Cornerstone Kitchen at The Miller Center

This hidden gem is located inside of The Miller Center near Giant Supermarket, and you don't have to feel guilty when indulging here! From salads, pizza, and sandwiches, Cornerstone Kitchen has a wide variety of options and uses local, natural and organic ingredients in all their food. Cornerstone Kitchen is the perfect place to get lunch or an early dinner. 

7. Brasserie Louis

Because this establishment is home to many sorority formals and date parties, some people overlook Brasserie Louis as a restaurant option for a full sit-down meal. The vibe of Brasserie is classy, yet relaxing. The menu is filled with a wide assortment of options to choose from, and a dish I recommend you try is the Rock Shrimp to start, and Steak Frites as a main entree. Check out Brasserie Louis when you are in the mood to splurge or for a special occasion. 

8. Siam

I bet you've noticed while on campus that Siam is always crowded - it's because the food is to die for! The Pad Thai noodles are a must have. Siam is cozy and has the best kind of comfort food. Visit Siam for the most authentic Thai food around. 

9. The Fence Drive In

A nice dinner on the Susquehanna River is what The Fence is all about. A classic "drive in" meal, the Fence is past the bridge in town, and the view makes this meal a 10/10. You can even get your food brought out to your car if you don't feel like getting out!

10. Bull Run Tap House 

With Bull Run's full bar open late, some might not think to get dinner here. However, you are missing out if you haven't tried  Bull Run for dinner, it's the best pub food you can image! Especially the Bull Dip (pictured above) to start, with a juicy burger as your meal. That just sounds so good right now. 

I hope this article helps you appreciate the lovely town of Lewisburg, and gets you excited to try (or revisit) these establishments when we are back on campus (soon enough)! And to the seniors - we know you'll be back in Lewisburg one day. While you're there, come support these local businesses we know you love!