The unwritten rule of having first-time visitors in Fishkill, NY is that you have to take them to Red Line Diner. I joke with Fishkill's newcomers that this diner is the crown of the Hudson Valley, just to watch their faces get confused. All in all, this diner makes this small town what it is. This is the diner you go to when you're in the mood to see people you know (believe me you will), talk to friendly staff (they remember everyone), and get some great food. These are the five foods you have to order when you're at this local joint. 

1. Burger  

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Red Line keeps the typical diner-goers happy with a classic hamburger and cheeseburger, but they switch it up by offering the Down Under Burger which is topped with a fried egg and bacon. There's also the Bison Burger if you're feeling adventurous, along with a plethora of other creations (even a vegetarian burger). Either way you'll probably end up ordering a burger, making the motto at Red Line, "when in doubt, burger it out."

2. Milkshakes, Milkshakes, Milkshakes 

No meal at this diner is complete without a shake. Offering flavors such as Banana Walnut, Oreo, and the classics (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate), these are more than just crowd-pleasers at Red Line. Chances are you'll see more shakes here than people, and you probably went to high school with the worker making them. 

3. Belgium Waffle With All the Fixings

Day or night, weekend or weekday, Belgium waffles find their way to the majority of tables at Red Line Diner. **insert whipped cream to face** This diner offers vanilla ice cream on top of the waffles, so it's no wonder they are a top pick on the menu for children and adults alike. 

4. A Huge Slice of Cheesecake, Cake or Pie 

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When you walk into this joint, the first thing you spot is the cake and dessert counter. All I have to say to the owners is: Well played. Most cakes are bigger than a wheel of cheese, with more layers than a toddler wears while playing in the snow. Mounting nearly five inches high and seven layers deep, these delicacies are a favorite at Red Line. From seasonal cheesecakes like pumpkin and Key lime, black and white cookies the size of your head, and a lemon meringue pie that could be on display at a museum, dessert is rarely passed up at Red Line. The best part? The beautiful whipped cream and sauce designs that each slice gets. 

5. Fries 

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Eating at Red Line Diner without ordering fries is like me getting straight A's: Impossible. What may seem like typical diner fries are so much more. They are the saving grace you need after a night of regret, the midnight snack that you and your best friend deem necessary at 12 AM, and most importantly, they're the perfect compliment to the many variations of sandwiches and burgers that Red Line has to offer. These fries are the reason my dad and I need to get separate orders, because sharing them just isn't an option.

Long story short: Fishkill, NY hasn't been the same since Red Line Diner opened its doors in 2012. From the cakes to the shakes, the burgers to the salads, its a place you'll never leave disappointed. And no matter how many times you go there, you'll always find yourself looking to your family and friends and saying, "who wants to go to Red Line?"